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Smart and Scalable: How ASMPT Leverages the Power of Location-Based Automation

How can location technology optimize your production process and resource efficiency in real-time? Together with ASMPT, KINEXON developed an end-to-end solution including ultra-precise RTLS and a powerful software platform that provided fast results and enabled opportunities for continuous automation.


To leverage the full potential of Industry 4.0 for our production facilities, we needed an innovative and flexible solution that scales. KINEXON developed a customized solution that met all our needs.”

Philip Markus, Project Manager at ASMPT

Smart Technologies | Smart Applications

ASMPT exemplifies the diverse applications of KINEXON’s RTLS portfolio and location-based process automation software. With the initial goal of optimizing ASMPT’s production, the pandemic created an entirely new set of challenges for established production processes in 2020. KINEXON reacted quickly an presented a reliable solution to ensure safe distancing for essential ASMPT employees. With KINEXON SafeZone, the world’s most trusted digital solution to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through contact warning and contact tracing was born. 

The Challenge

ASMPT’s built-to-order concept follows a tight schedule. All modules of a machine are mounted manually at separate production islands. ASMPT was looking for an early warning system to identify bottlenecks and problems in order to optimize production capacity in real time.

The Solution

In order to track the production process and worker utilization within the production islands in real time, ASMPT needed a localization solution that is reliable and centimeter-precise. At the same time, they expected the availability of individual configurations within the solution. In contrast to a BLE solution that was simultaneously piloted, KINEXON delivered an ultra-precise UWB RTLS solution powered by its location-based process automation software to fulfill these requirements. 

The Result

After equipping assets and assembly carts with the KINEXON ePaper Tag, and workers with KINEXON Worker Tag, the location-based automation platform could detect tangible optimization opportunities within weeks: it analyzed how the number of assembly carts needed can be reduced and how to manage production assets at the main assembly line more efficiently. 

A roll-out of KINEXON’s solution is currently planned for three more ASMPT locations.

The Benefits for ASM

Spotlight Paperless Production: Optimal Process Quality with the KINEXON ePaper Tag

ASMPT and KINEXON’s project team wanted to solve a key issue: Minimizing errors at assembly lines and increasing their production sustainability

The KINEXON ePaper Tag proved to be the ideal solution: It combines the benefits of ultra-precise real-time UWB localization with smart e‑ink technology. This allows ASMPT to digitize their complete material flow process and to visual all production relevant data correct and up-to-date right at the asset, reducing the error potential of manual, paper-based documentation. The integrated button enables employees to send real-time warnings, update production steps, and track utilization for further in-depth resource and process analyses.

About our client ASMPT

ASMPT Assem­bly Sys­tems is a leading supplier of semiconductor process equipment for wafer processing in the telecom­mu­nica­ti­on, automotive, IT, entertainment as well as the auto­ma­ti­on industries. ASMPT supports companies around the globe with establishing integrated and smart factories. ASMPT’s development and production plants with 2,200 employees are located in the US, Germany, Singapore, and Malaysia. www​.smt​.asmpt​.com

KINEXON at ASMPT Assembly Systems


ASMPT is utilizing several wireless network technologies within their production facilities. In order to prevent interferences and providing the most precise localization data in this complex industrial environment, KINEXON’s UWB-based RTLS was the perfect choice.



KINEXON’s open location-based process automation software enables operations teams to interact directly with the software to create custom geofences, automate processes, conduct flexible analyses, and synchronize real-time data with other applications. The software offers flexibility to scale automation and add more and more use cases.


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KINEXON Services

KINEXON’s project and consulting team supports and advises ASMPT with the identification, planning, and setup of use cases as well as user onboarding. The team works closely with ASMPT to implement custom solutions with the goal of fast project RoI with a low number of iterations. 

KINEXON Services

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