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Data security at the highest level - KINEXON is BSI-certified according to ISO27001:2013

Data security is a top priority at KINEXON — as evidenced by our BSI certification. As part of our business activities, we consistently protect our own data as well as that of our customers and partners. 

Data Protection Icon with BSI Certificat

Data Privacy: 3 Examples Why Contact Tracing Is More Secure Than Its Reputation

When it comes to strategic contact tracing, there is no way around a discussion on data protection. Three prejudices are particularly common. We clarify.


Quick Answers: Frequently Asked Questions About Contact Tracing

In the fight against COVID-19, digital solutions for contact tracing are becoming increasingly important. We have collected and answered the most frequently asked questions.


How KINEXON SafeZone Saves Money by Protecting Employees

An employee infected with COVID-19 can lead to a complete stop of the entire operation. The financial damage can reach millions after just 10 days. This calculation example shows the importance of effective protective measures — for the health of both the employees and the company.


KINEXON wins Tech Challenge 2014 - IoT