In this section, managing directors and employees of KINEXON Industries and KINEXON Sports report on new product developments, evaluate trends, provide insights into KINEXON’s everyday life and share information on digital transformation in production, logistics, professional sports and live media.


The faces behind "Martin Kastenmiller"

It’s all about the faces behind that make a company successful. Today it’s about our face behind Martin Kastenmiller”. Be curious about his Team Lead Success Story — how he has thrived with KINEXON and developed from Software Engineer to Team Lead of the Solution Engineering Team.


COVID-19: Joining Forces against Corona

In times of crisis such as these, one thing above all is important: the solidarity between people — and in this context also between companies. Because only together we will successfully master the challenges. The Venture Client company 27pilots also recognized this and launched an initiative. We at KINEXON are part of it and help to protect employees and maintain production processes!