In this section, managing directors and employees of KINEXON Industries and KINEXON Sports report on new product developments, evaluate trends, provide insights into KINEXON’s everyday life and share information on digital transformation in production, logistics, professional sports and live media.


SportsPro Insider Series: Emerging Tech, Data & Media

Sports entities are continuing to look to data to drive success, both on and off the field. From player recruitment, through in-game analysis, and fan interaction to business performance. This edition by SportsPro, in conjunction with KINEXON, offers discussion and insight in all areas affecting leading sports franchises, and how it is becoming increasingly important to turn to data to gain an advantage over competitors.

SportsPro Insider Series: Emerging Tech, Data & Media

Load Management: A Look Behind the Scenes at the Bundesliga Club With the Fewest Injuries

In the Bundesliga, 1. FC Union Berlin recently became the surprising leader. Union also impressed with another statistic recently: no team had fewer injury-related absences. Is that part of the secret of success?


European League of Football and KINEXON Launch Partnership

In cooperation with the European League of Football, KINEXON’s LPS system will be used for live player tracking in American Football at the upcoming Championship Game in Klagenfurt. The European League of Football also aims to further enhance the fan experience with live stats at the highest level.

ELF KINEXON Partnership Announcement American Football

Official Match Balls With Integrated Tracking Sensor - What Do They Deliver That No Other Technology Can?

To take a very close look at every action on the pitch, field or court in professional sports, data collection nowadays relies on countless technologies. In the midst of all these, there are new players: official match balls with an integrated tracking sensors for live tracking. FIFA has tested this technology extensively. The result: Balls with tracking sensors offer exclusive added value.

Official game balls with tracking-sensor webinar KINEXON and FIFA

Understanding Women-Specific Requirements in Professional Sports

Regardless of your sex, athletes deserve the same treatment; but in this case, equality means to differentiate in the ways athletes need to be trained to perform at their best.

We closed our season-kickoff webinar series with a topic that’s particularly important to us right now — namely, what specific requirements do women have? 

KINEXON Webinar adressing women-specific requirements in professional sports

The Impact of Ball Data on Physical, Tactical, and Technical Performance Evaluation

In combination with player tracking, the measured physical load and athletic performance of players can be evaluated in context of football-specific situations. Thus, it is possible to also assess tactical and technical data in comprehensive context. Some examples: How fast does a player run with the ball? How is a team controlling space? What’s the shot speed? 

Ball tracking and ball data to improve performance evaluation in football

Ball Tracking: From Subjective Impressions to Objective Measures

As the world’s only tracking provider to offer sensor technology that can be integrated into official football & handball match balls, KINEXON is able to provide real-time positions and inertial data (impacts and spin rate) of the ball with accuracy down to the centimeter. This automated ball tracking and analytics by KINEXON transforms subjective impressions to objective measures.

Ball Tracking Webinar Sports Science Data with Context

How to Return to Action After Pregnancy

Return to play is usually associated with a comeback from injury. Hardly anybody used to talk about the road back after pregnancy. That perception is shifting. More and more female athletes choose to give birth during their careers and make their experiences public. Plus, player and performance tracking can function as an essential tool for female athletes during their journey to return to action. KINEXON aims to give needed support.

Comeback nach Schwangerschaft im Profisport

Hands-on Approach: Sports Data Campus to Use KINEXON’s Analysis to Train Talents in Big Data and Sports Technology

Sports Data Campus – a place where professionals in the field of big data and technologies in sports have joined forces at the international level – aims to provide world-class education specializing in advanced analytics in football.


Karlsruher SC and KINEXON Agree to Multi-Year Partnership Deal

Teaming up with the Karlsruher SC, KINEXON has won another 2. Bundesliga club for its live-player tracking. The KSC will use KINEXON’s mobile GNSS system for the next years and aims to professionalise its performance-data analysis to increase its success further.


Sports Tech and Equality: Why We Stopped Treating Women’s Teams the Same as Men’s Teams

Female athletes deserve the same treatment as male athletes. That doesn’t mean knowledge, training methods, and analysis techniques developed based on men and for men can be applied 1:1 to women. Equality must start earlier. We ask ourselves the following question: what requirements do women have for training planning and load control that have not been considered yet? 

Two female players equipped with mobile player tag

KINEXON Becomes World’s First "FIFA Preferred Provider Live Player & Ball Tracking"

The FIFA Quality Programme and KINEXON strengthen and extend their collaboration until 2024. KINEXON´s status now includes also ball tracking. Starting today, KINEXON is the world’s first FIFA Preferred Provider Live Player & Ball Tracking.” 

FIFA Preferred Provider Live Player Ball Tracking Blog