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Light control 2.0 powered by KINEXON: Andreas G. live in concert in Munich

Andreas G., the Austrian folk rock’n’roller, delivered a phenomenal concert in Munich — also thanks to KINEXON! The big event took place in front of a gigantic crowd of 74,000 spectators in the Munich Olympic Stadium.

MunichJul 01, 2017

Andreas G., the Austrian Volks Rock’n’Roller (~People’s Rocker), gave a phenomenal concert in Munich – powered by Kinexon! The massive event took part in front of a gigantic sell-out crowd of 74,000 spectators in the Munich Olympic Stadium. Kinexon contributed to the mega show with its high-precision tracking solution. Together with our partner ZACTRACK, we demonstrated a new dimension of light control by fully automating the light control on the stage. The Austrian star carried a wearable Kinexon Sensor, tracking the singer’s 3D position and motion on the stage with centimeter accuracy. Based on the generated real-time position & motion data, the light control on the stage was performed automatically without any handicraft. The color, intensity and mostly important orientation of all lights was perfectly adjusted to the artist’s position on stage. This innovative application of sensor technology was enabled by Kinexon’s unique system characteristics like its quick set-up on stage, the highly precise & robust localization, and the real-time capability for minimal latency.

Altogether this path-breaking application ensured that the musician was perfectly illuminated at any given moment of the show – no matter where on stage he was located or which movement he made. As a result, the spectators as well as the press had the opportunity to admire the musician steadily in perfect light.


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