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KINEXON at Swatch Beach Volleyball Majors Series

The Beach Majors Company and KINEXON merge. The cooperation enables the first introduction of live-tracking at the Swatch Beach Volleyball Majors Series and offers completely new impressions in sports.

MunichSep 18, 2017

Vienna / Hamburg – At the Swatch Beach Volleyball Majors Series 2017 in Vienna and Hamburg, the FIVB World Tour and Beach Majors Company show live tracking data for broadcasting and in-stadium fan entertainment. Hereby, the Beach Majors Company use the real-time KINEXON tracking solution in order to demonstrate how connected wearables enable a new way of sports content generation. By combining accurate 3D-positioning and movement information of players, we can tell new storylines in sports.

During Finals weekend in Vienna and Hamburg, the Beach Majors Company utilize the KINEXON tracking capabilities for fascinating in-game live data. This live data brings to new insights for fans, coaches and players. All players will wear a small tag integrated in the jersey or bra capturing insights on player’s athletic performance on the pitch. Spectators will see overall distance covered, maximum speed, number of jumps and energy consumption during championship matches for the first time ever in beach volleyball.

We are always trying to improve our product by implementing new innovation or technology. This year, Beach Majors Company partners with tech company KINEXON for a world premiere in tracking data during the Swatch Beach Volleyball Majors Series 2017. For the first time ever, live data direct from the players will enable fans watching the world’s biggest beach volleyball tournament to experience the drama in even greater detail.”

The rise of integrated devices to connect movement, audio and biometrical information will further increase the understanding, involvement and emotions in sports events, especially to more complex and niche sports. New tracking technology enables us to present upcoming sports such as beach volleyball to the audience in a more understandable, fascinating and comprehensible way”, states Maximilian Schmidt, Kinexon Sports & Media CEO. All this real-time information will make sports consumption more interesting, fascinating, concrete and – in the end – more tangible. Maximilian Schmidt underlines: The key of sports analytics is meaningful real-time data that provides relevant answers to the questions of fans”.

Next year, Beach Majors Company and KINEXON plan to expand their partnership and bring even bigger innovation to beach volleyball – both in terms of fan engagement at the venue and various digital channels.

Company Snapshot

KINEXON was founded in 2012 by former scientists of the Technical University Munich. The company develops cutting-edge solutions for precise localization and motion sensing of professional athletes in various sports. The portfolio includes both, hardware (e.g. sensors, anchors) for the real-time detection of precise data as well as software solutions for smart data processing and analytics. KINEXON offers an unrivaled tracking technology for indoor and outdoor use that locates athletes with centimeter-accuracy in real-time. KINEXON has its headquarter in Munich and opened a US office in New York City in 2016. Current market focus in Europe and US are professional team sports (Basketball, Hockey, and Football).

Beach Majors Company

Since 2015, the Swatch Major Series has showcased the best athletes in the world of beach volleyball. A joint venture between Red Bull and Hannes Jagerhofer (CEO Beach Majors Company) and supported by the FIVB, the series has rapidly expanded to become one of beach volleyball’s pinnacle events.


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