Alexander Huettenbrink and Oliver Trinchera with the anchor in front of the KINEXON logo

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The Story of KINEXON

It was in 2010 that our founders Alexander and Oliver had the opportunity to see in the Allianz Arena, how the data of professional footballers was being tracked. They immediately knew: We can do that quicker and more efficiently. 

It was the origin of an idea to revolutionize the Internet of Things through real time technology. And at the same time, it was the founding hour of KINEXON.

Alexander Hüettenbrink and Oliver Trinchera in front of the Allianz Arena in Munich
A sign called Impact Decisions

Join a Pioneer of the Internet of Things!

KINEXON develops leading technological solutions and changes the whole industry. All our successes have one thing in common:

Every single member was able to aptly formulate in a single phrase, the way in which they contributed to the success of which part. Because we emphasize a high degree of responsibility as well as the empowerment of each and every employee to leave his mark. Each one of us should always be able to make a difference — and develop individually.

Through the next employee stories, experience the way our team appreciates and lives the value Create Impact”.

Portrait of Timo Besenreuther

"There Is Always a Chance for the Next Quantum Jump"

Because I belonged to the first developers at KINEXON, I have always had the possibility to help create our products and our working principles in the past five years. In the beginning, we four have laid the foundation of our current system and have taken design decisions, which still have a great impact today. Although in the meantime we have developed a substantial codebase and existing products, there is always a chance to contribute to the next quantum jump for KINEXON — if new products as well as produce iterations emerge or if we develop our infrastructure further.”

Portrait of Sophie Hopf

"Many Possibilities to Leave a Mark"

As an intern and student employee I was already able to influence the way in which the HR domain develops. Ever since my tenure I have been rebuilding the personnel development and continue to do so. It started with regular feedback discussions, to employee surveys, yearly performance rounding to 360 degree feedback. There are many possibilities to leave a mark here. In addition, facing new challenges day by day, in a team with highly motivated colleagues is fun. My motivation is creating an environment where everyone from our KINEXON family feels comfortable and can develop and outgrow himself.”

KINEXON X with fingerprint

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Do you want to make a difference and write success stories with KINEXON like Timo and Sophie? This is your opportunity.

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