Industrial IoT


This Is the Key Technology for Industry 4.0

At KINEXON, we locate and network things”, allowing them to interact in the quickest, smartest way. This allows us to help companies achieve sustainable digital transformation of production and logistics processes. Our mission is to understand and optimize in real time so that we can also create value in real time. That’s how Industry 4.0 works!

In our latest case study with Continental, you can find out how Industrial IoT adds value in practice.

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Location, Networking, Process Automation — Welcome to the Industrial Internet of Things!

Nowadays, when we talk about the Industrial Internet of Things, digital factories, or Industry 4.0, we assume that things” will automatically interact and communicate with each other in the future — as if they were controlled by an invisible hand. However, to make this vision a reality, we need to know the precise location and status of the relevant objects within a factory. In addition, we need to connect things in real time and enhance them with a new kind of real-time intelligence, so that they interact in the fastest and most intelligent way. That’s exactly what KINEXON develops and implements.

We are the pioneers providing these key factors for the Industrial IoT. We can take your productivity in production and logistics to the next level.

Real-Time Intelligence That Creates Value

With KINEXON, you can give your employees full transparency in real time about the location of a wide variety of objects. What’s more, your existing systems for managing order data and processes can be intelligently connected with KINEXON

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KINEXON Technology Against COVID-19

With KIN­EXON Safe­Zo­ne we’­ve also deve­lo­ped the worl­d’s most advan­ced digi­tal solu­ti­on for con­ta­ct warning and con­ta­ct tra­cing. See here how it helps to secure ongoing operations!

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Let Us Guide You Into the World of the Industrial IoT

KINEXON helps you to gain transparency for your production and logistics, and to monitor, optimize and automate your processes — all resulting in significant productivity gains.

With us you can achieve real-time connectivity, intelligence, and automation for smart factories and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This requires three key technologies that you should be aware of:

Industrial IoT

Real-Time Locating System (RTLS)

Live data communication and centimeter-accurate 3D localization via UWB for indoor and outdoor facilities

Kinexon Real-time locating system (RTLS)
Industrial IoT

Process Mining

Optimize and monitor processes with real-time-based analysis methods

Our Customers Digitize a Multitude of Industrial Processes

Together we create new added value.

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