Kinexon ONE exhibits at conference on “Modularization 4.0″

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Kinexon ONE exhibits at conference on “Modularization 4.0″

How does the future of industrial production look like? What is the impact of modularized production process on quality, costs, speed and flexibility and finally on the company value? What are the technological instruments that enable the smart factories of tomorrow?

To discuss these highly relevant questions, leading industry experts and speakers from  more than 70 companies came together at the Munich Management Colloquium 2014 at Technische Universität München (March 18 and 19). Among the speakers there were numerous top-class representatives from leading companies such as Joe Kaeser (CEO Siemens AG), Timotheus Höttges (CEO Deutsche Telekom AG) or Martin Winterkorn (CEO Volkswagen AG).

Kinexon had the opportunity to exhibit its solution Kinexon ONE at the conference. Live demonstrations for various industrial applications showed the impressive potential of the Kinexon technology. Providing centimeter accurate 3D localization and motion information, Kinexon ONE makes a significant contribution to the internet of things since it makes objects and processes more intelligent. The business intelligence that results from our smart analytics applications helps customers to automate processes, improve quality and speed, and reduce costs. As it turned out in numerous talks at the conference, precision information on position, orientation and status of objects and people will be a key enabler for the vision of what currently is referred to as “Industry 4.0″.

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