Kinexon presents indoor tracking technology at BITKOM hub conference

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Kinexon presents indoor tracking technology at BITKOM hub conference

Kinexon indoor localization as key enabler for the Internet of Things

Joint stand with Deutsche Telekom

Live demo delights visitors

Berlin, 10 December 2015 – How will the digital transformation affect our future? What will be the impact on our everyday life? Will it change the way we do business? How will it affect different industries such as manufacturing, media and healthcare? What are the chances and risks associated with the digital transformation?

These and other fascinating questions were discussed at this year’s BITKOM huh conference in Berlin. More than 1.900 participants attended the event that was formerly known as Trendkongress. The conference brought together high-class participants from all over the world, including global players, start-ups, CIOs, investors, policy-makers and scientists. Together they discussed challenges and trends and developed sustainable strategies for the digital transformation.

Among the participants was also…Kinexon!  The attendance at this year’s conference was triggered by two pleasant successes: Just a few weeks ago, Kinexon was elected as one of the top 10 finalists of Deutsche Telekom’s Global Innovation Contest. Out of the ten finalists, three companies were selected in a virtual final to join Deutsche Telekom at a joint stand at the hub conference and Kinexon was the proud winner. In addition to that, BITKOM appointed Kinexon in a separate competition, the Innovators Pitch, as one of the three overall finalists in the category IoT.

At the stand, Kinexon presented its innovative precision indoor localization solution and its impact on the Internet of Things – with a special focus on Industry 4.0 applications. The future IoT scenarios assume that objects will interact fully automatically with each other. To make this vision come true, objects need to know exactly where they are and in which status. Unfortunately, current localization technologies such as WiFi are very inaccurate and complex. In contrast to these technologies, Kinexon offers a solution that is truly precise, simple and smart. The applications of our technology in manufacturing and logistics are manifold and include, for example:

  • Tracking of objects such as parts, tools and products
  • Tracking of workers in safety critical environments
  • Tracking  and route optimization of vehicles such as forklifts
  • Quality control of manual picking processes
  • Bolt detection
  • Process automation through substitution of manual scanning processes
  • Tracking and navigation of autonomous transport vehicles
  • Process mapping, analysis and optimization through location data

Of course, Kinexon offered the numerous visitors also an impressive live demo of its indoor localization system. It took just a few wireless Kinexon Anchors and a small amount of time to equip the exhibition hall with our wireless tracking solution – neither Ethernet cables were required nor power cables due to the battery powered anchors. From then on, visitors at the stand could use the Kinexon Sensors to run and walk around and see their position and status on various mobile devices such as iPad or Surface 4 Pro. In addition to that, the smart analytics engine provided users with a deeper insight into their motion behavior through dedicated statistics and heat maps. With the live demonstration, Kinexon showed that precise indoor and outdoor localization – a key technology for the IoT – is not a topic of tomorrow. It is a technology that is already available here and now.

Impressions from BITKOM hub conference 2015

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