Kinexon speech and live demonstration at “Innovations in Microsystems” conference

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Kinexon speech and live demonstration at “Innovations in Microsystems” conference

How can centimeter accurate 3D localization and motion sensing help to tackle fundamental challenges in sports, fitness and healthcare? Kinexon’s recent speech at the conference “Innovations in Microsystems” addressed this question and provided some fascinating insights into the solutions of tomorrow.

The presentation with the title “Precision Localization and Motion Sensing Solutions: Their Impact on Sport, Fitness and Healthcare” was given by Dr. Oliver Trinchera, Managing Director at Kinexon. Introducing our path-breaking solution KINEXON ONE, we revealed how the combination of precise sensor data and smart analytics can provide significant benefits both for sport, fitness and healthcare.

In sports, for example, KINEXON ONE can be used to analyze and optimize the tactical and technical performance of teams and athletes. Additionally, sophisticated algorithms can contribute to prevent injuries and support rehabilitation processes. In the fitness sector advanced algorithms for motion detection can capture and analyze even complex body movements. This information allows providing immediate feedback not just on the quantity of repetitions but also on the quality of exercises. Further, KINEXON ONE can contribute in many ways to the healthcare sector by smart patient monitoring (e.g. fall detection of elderly people, localization of patients with Alzheimer’s disease). In addition, Kinexon’s technology can help to improve the asset management within hospitals by ensuring the availability of critical assets (e.g. medical devices) whenever they are needed and optimizing the asset utilization.

Next to its presentation, Dr. Oliver Trinchera provided a live demonstration of Kinexon’s localization and motion detecting solution in front of the audience. The demo did not just provide an insight into the high precision of the technology, but also illustrated the simple setup of the system which was done in minutes.

The conference “Innovations in Microsystems” took place in Munich and was organized by Bayern Innovativ GmbH (Bavaria’s corporation for innovation and knowledge transfer) and BAIKEM (the innovation network for electronics and microelectronics). The conference was enriched by exciting contributions by top-class speakers from leading corporates in the healthcare sector, such as Philips and Siemens.

Presentation and live demonstration of KINEXON ONE by Dr. Oliver Trinchera, Managing Director of Kinexon.

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