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Preventing Process Errors and Search Operations During Order Picking

Find instead of search: Find out how KINEXON at the Porsche Parts Sales Center (TVZ) helps you use the ProGlove glove scanner productively, i.e. without searching and sources of error.


The calculation is simple: In our parts distribution center, quality and time are the decisive factors that need to be constantly optimized. I think that with KINEXON, we can secure our ideal process in a targeted manner.”

Dipl. Ing. Volkmar Berger (Project Manager of Spare Parts Logistics and Export)
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About the Customer

The Porsche Parts Distribution Center in Austrian Wals-Siezenheim, supplies within 13 hours all Austrian and within 24 hours two thirds of the Porsche export markets with spare parts. 

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The Task

The long search is over: In the Porsche TVZ, goods are picked for customers in separate boxes. In the future, the search time for the containers in the area should be minimized. At the same time, it is important to avoid mistakes. 

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The Solution

Flexible, intelligent and in real time: With the integration of the KINEXON RIoT platform, the corresponding system and the use of the ProGlove scan glove, the location of the goods is determined precisely and live. 

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The Result

The open architecture of the RIoT platform ensures easy implementation and fast ROI. From now on, the required boxes in the Porsche TVZ will be color-coded using the latest technology and found immediately. 

This Is What Distinguishes the KINEXON RIoT Platform

Three arguments for why the Porsche TVZ chose the KINEXON solution.

Mitterdorfer Porsche TVZ

With RIoT, we are putting real-time IoT software into operation, which will enable us to make numerous other process improvements beyond the course of the project.”

Stefan Mitterdorfer, BSc MBA (Process and Quality Manager)
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