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Next Generation Athlete Monitoring

KINEXON has developed the most advanced performance tracking technology in football. With our ultra-wideband-based LPS and LTE-ready GNSS technologies, coaches can monitor player health and development in real-time on any preferred device via our cloud-based analytics platform. The KINEXON wearables are small, lightweight and ultra-precise to ensure maximum comfort for players and centimeter-accuracy for coaches.

Monitor, Analyze and React

Our performance solutions calculate staple metrics of athlete performance such as sprints, jumps, max speed, accelerations, decelerations, and load to help overcome the challenges of competing at the highest level of football. KINEXON can also add accelerometer data for athletes that are exhausting energy through smaller movements.

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Performance Analytics

Track performance, then analyze and compare with position-specific comparisons and individual KPIs. Coaches can customize and select the most applicable metrics.

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Managing Loads

Individual digital consolidation of load (external) and stress (internal) allow coaches to lead a more data-driven, intelligent practice.

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Analyze players during the recovery process and compare it to their healthy performance levels. These motion profiles reduce the risk of a repeat or secondary injury from happening.

Two Superior Offerings All on One Platform

No matter whether your team is playing indoor or outdoor, KINEXON has you covered with the best GNSS and LPS systems on the market.

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– Limitless live data –

Our newest offering utilizes the very latest in GNSS tracking technology. With KINEXON GNSS, it’s never been easier to receive live KPIs. The LTE-ready wearable collects raw data and converts it into valuable metrics, and is available to you in real-time, no matter where your athletes are.

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No Time-consuming Setup

Unlike competitor solutions, no receivers are required to maximize field coverage.

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Automated Process

No manual post-practice download is required – everything is automated and accessible through the cloud.

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Limitless Sensor Range

No matter where your athletes are, their data will still be available to you, in real time.

How it Works

Using Cloud Computing to Deliver Analytics in Real-Time

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Precise Local Position Data

KINEXON LPS uses ultra-wideband technology to provide highly accurate local positioning data. The solution guarantees fully automated data recording of player positions with an unrivaled combination of accuracy (<10 cm) and latency (<100 ms), allowing for the transmission of gapless tracking data in real-time.

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Position and Motion Tracking

Besides the positioning chip, the sensor incorporates inertial data originating from an accelerometer and gyroscope.

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Small and Lightweight Sensors

The 0.52 oz sensors are form factor, which allow for easy placement within jerseys or equipment.

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KINEXON’s ultra-wideband system has been validated by four independent (peer-reviewed) sports scientific studies.

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Illustration of Valuable KPIs

All metrics can be visualized using our platform with baseline reporting implemented to provide an overview of both player and team performance.

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Cloud-based analytics platform powered by Amazon Web Services.

Icon Thirdparty Data

Third-party tracking data import.

Icon API Connectivity

Advanced API connectivity to athlete management systems.

Icon Report Export

Custom PDF, Excel, and raw data exports.

Icon Goals

Set and monitor training goals live.

Icon Metriken Video Sync

Synchronize with video and existing support of video analysis tools.

Icon Metriken Custom Metrics

Custom metrics calculator.

Icon Acceleration Bins

200+ metrics.

Custom Metrics

In addition to staple metrics like distance, sprints, jumps, max speed, accelerations, and decelerations, KINEXON provides several custom metrics that have been used across multiple sports to provide a comprehensive definition of player workload.

Selected References

Some of the top professional and college teams and leagues rely on KINEXON for real-time player tracking and analytics.

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Indianapolis Colts

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UAB Blazers

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Missouri Tigers

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings

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Colorado State Rams

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