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Welcome to the world's first integrated football analytics solution!

KINEXON FOOTBALL is the only tracking solution that delivers more than just performance data. Experience the full range of KINEXON FOOTBALL — the only tracking portfolio that covers data-driven performance, tactics and technique analysis and intelligently interprets every movement on the field in real time!

One Application, All Options, First Integrated Approach

In football, physicality alone does not determine success. How players circulate the ball, how they receive and carry it, how they read and direct the game — all this is football. Each of these actions can make the difference. Precisely recording all actions and evaluating them down to the smallest detail in a data-based manner is what we enable with our analytics products and combine with Integrated Football Analytics’.”

René Prüßner, Head of Sports Science, KINEXON Sports & Media
KINEXON Sports ONE Animation. First integrated approach
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FIFA and KINEXON Join Forces

FIFA has chosen KINEXON to lead football into the next generation of real-time player tracking

As the world’s first FIFA Preferred Provider of Live Player Tracking, KINEXON is a key part
of FIFA’s technology initiative to further enhance the football experience.

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Choose Your Preferred Product!

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Integrated Data Analysis

The top product for football analytics.

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Performance Analysis

The most precise performance recording in football. In 3 options.

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Technique Analysis

The final piece of the puzzle. Register now and be among the first users!

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Tactical Analysis

Licensed ball & player tracking. For data-based tactical analysis.

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Premium Support

Our Bundesliga-experienced analysts and sports scientists give you the decisive advantage: the analytics strategy with your signature.

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KINEXON ONE: The Whole Game in One App

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Integrated Football Analytics

Be one of the first coaches in the world to benefit from integrated football data analysis!
This means: All currently possible data and statistics in a clear and freely configurable
app. With this solution, you track all your team’s progress in real time.

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KINEXON ONE includes:



Sport Icon Accuracy

360° data acquisition

KINEXON ONE tracks 3D in all directions, accurate to the centimeter and in real time

Sport Icon Update

LTE, 5G & Cloud based

All data is automatically synchronized and can be accessed from anywhere

Sport Icon official Ball

Official training & match balls

KINEXON exclusively enables tracking of official SELECT/DERBYSTAR balls

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KINEXON PERFORM: Analyze Performance Precisely & Seamlessly

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KINEXON Football Logos Perform

Performance Analysis

Precise performance data can be recorded flexibly in any environment — KINEXON PERFORM has dedicated itself to this goal. By combining different technologies, data can be collected and synchronized indoors and outdoors, in training and games, at home and away.

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100 % compatible

Synchronize all KINEXON data automatically with other technologies

Sport Icon Document

Custom reports

Create and send individualized reports quickly and easily

Sport Icon easy Setup

Easy configuration

Configure all settings and analyses in the self-explanatory app

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Product Information

Product brochures for PDF download:



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KINEXON TECHNIQUE: Ball Handling in Data

KINEXON Sports Football Player Ball Control Chest gettyimages 1267011806 2048x2048 edited website
KINEXON Football Logos Technique

Technical Analysis

Welcome to the future: KINEXON TECHNIQUE is the first analytics product to measure and analyze ball handling live and in 3D. Optimize player behavior based on previously inaccessible data and insights!

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Sport Icon cm Accuracy

Centimeter-precise 3D tracking

Ultra-precise real-time UWB ball tracking by KINEXON makes it possible

Sport Icon Rocket

Revolutionary statistics

For the first time, metrics capture how close, fast & agile players are with the ball at their feet

Sport Icon Exclusive

Exclusive access

As a KINEXON ONE or TACTICS customer, you are among the first to benefit!

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KINEXON TACTICS: Data-Based Tactics Analysis incl. Ball Tracking

KINEXON Sports Football Players Training gettyimages 1262389968 2048x2048 edited website
KINEXON Football Logos Tactics

Tactical Analysis

Only KINEXON can do that: As the first and currently only provider of licensed ball tracking, coaches use KINEXON TACTICS to analyze not only all player movements in real time, but also those of the ball. And thanks to KINEXON UWB technology, it is accurate to the centimeter and interference-free.

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Sport Icon official Ball

Official training & match balls

KINEXON exclusively enables tracking of official SELECT/DERBYSTAR balls

Icons Benefits Ultra-Wideband low power consumption

Live & interference free

Our UWB technology tracks to within 10 cm and promises a stable connection

Sport Icon Puzzle 2

100% compatible

Automatically synchronize KINEXON TACTICS with other technologies

Case Study Icon

Selected Cases

Current case studies for download:

Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Case Study Icon

Selected Cases

Current case studies for download:

VfL Wolfs­burg

KINEXON FOOTBALL Products Are Compatible With:

To get the most out of all your technologies, these and all other popular third-party tools can be connected and synchronized with KINEXON FOOTBALL.

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