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Athletics, Tactics, Emotions: Live Tracking & Analysis for Football on Another Level

As the world’s only FIFA Preferred Provider Live Player Tracking, KINEXON is a renowned innovation driver in the field of live tracking and analysis solutions for professional football. In addition, KINEXON is the exclusive provider of live ball tracking. Discover the world’s first offering for tracking and analyzing the entire game!

Tech-Savvy Bundesliga Clubs Rely on KINEXON

Whether tactics or performance analysis, return-to-play or youth development, men’s or women’s football, away or at home: KINEXON delivers information that makes the difference.

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Our Products

Explore our product categories and take performance, gameplay and fan engagement to the next level with the support of world-class live data!

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Live Performance Analysis

Perfectly tailored to individual requirements. Analyze your players’ load and performance in real time and create customized reports quickly and easily from over 300 metrics.

Application areas:
Performance analysis,
Stress management,
Return-to-play and more
Tracking Scope:


Athletic & Fitness Coaches
Data collection via:

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Live Exercise & Game Analysis

Only with KINEXON can you extend Athlete Monitoring with ball tracking and be one of the first clubs worldwide to holistically capture and analyze the action on the pitch in data!

Application areas:
Performance analysis, stress management, return-to-play, tactics analysis, tactics training, youth development and more.
Tracking scope:

Ball & Player


Entire coaching staff
Data collection via:


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Data-driven Fan-Engagement

Open up new marketing channels with KINEXON and make selected metrics accessible to your fans! 100% compatibility and full automation guarantee minimal effort.

Application areas:
Social media marketing, stadium entertainment, marketing, sponsorship activation and more.
Tracking Scope:
Ball & Player


Marketing, club media, sponsors
Data collection via:

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The most powerful & dynamic performance data measurement in football.

As the first and only FIFA Preferred Provider Live Player Tracking, we offer live player data at the very highest level with KINEXON PERFORM — with maximum customizable analysis software.

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Vfl Wolfsburg Analyzes With Kinexon Performance From U14 Upwards

The Wolves” are the first club in the world to use live-tracking-based performance analysis from KINEXON not only in the men’s professional team, but also in the women’s team and in all junior teams from the U14 level upwards.

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All Data, All Analyses, One App

KINEXON data, third-party tools and external databases: Manage all data centrally!

Our Technology

Choose from 3 different technology variants!
Each tracking technology has its advantages. With KINEXON you choose what is important to you:

210927 Sports Football Perform Solutions LPS

LPS for Maximum Performance

KINEXON PERFORM LPS is based on UWB technology and promises the fastest and most stable live data on the market — in all environments.

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210927 Sports Football Perform Solutions GNSS

GNSS for Maximum Flexibility

KINEXON PERFORM GNSS takes advantage of satellite navigation and lets you collect live data on the go, anywhere in the world — without infrastructure.

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210927 Sports Football Perform Solutions Seamless

LPS + GNSS for the Complete Package

KINEXON PERFORM LPS + GNSS combines the advantages of both technologies and guarantees the best data basis for your analysis in any environment.

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KINEXON Perform Football Pocket and Play

Pocket & Play

Whether outdoors or indoors, at home or away KINEXON PERFORM offers maximum performance and flexibility with UWB and GNSS sensors. Both are worn in a functional vest on the back and start recording automatically.

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The Fastest Data-Based Game Analysis in the World

As the exclusive partner of SELECT/DERBYSTAR, KINEXON is the world’s only supplier of official balls with an integrated tracking sensor — and thus live data from players and ball.

KINEXON Bayer 04 Leverkusen Cover

With Ball Tracking Faster to the New Game Idea

On its way back to the top, Bayer 04 Leverkusen relied on a new game idea: more possession and a more vertical game. KINEXON COMPETE paved the way for this based on live data.

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Our Technology

Exclusively by KINEXON: Official game balls with integrated live tracking sensor.

Accurate to within 10 cm, with an update rate of up to 400Hz and a latency of less than 20ms, KINEXON player and ball sensors provide the fastest and most reliable player & ball data.

Derbystar Bundesliga Ball with Lokaization Website white Background

Official Match Ball With Integrated Tracking Sensor

As exclusive partner of SELECT/DERBYSTAR, KINEXON offers the world’s only game ball with integrated tracking sensor. For this purpose, an ultra-light UWB sensor replaces the counterweight of the valve 1:1, leaving the roll & flight characteristics unchanged.

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Renowned UWB Technology

Data acquisition and processing is made possible by KINEXON LPS technology, which is well established in top-class sports. It is used by hundreds of professional teams in football, basketball, handball, ice hockey & American football and is unrivaled worldwide in speed, accuracy and connection stability.

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Live Data-Based Fan Experiences With Wow Effect

Welcome to the future of sports marketing! Live data opens up unprecedented opportunities for clubs, leagues, federations, and sponsors to deliver performance insights to fans on all devices and channels.

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The Big Shot in Handball

The German Handball Bundesliga is considered the strongest in its sport. And underlines this with an innovation: fans get real-time live statistics on throwing speed, air time, sprint speed, jump height and more with KINEXON ENGAGE!

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Make the Next One!

How can your organization engage fans with live football data? Not with a formula F! Together we develop your individual concept and open up new ways of marketing!

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Unlock the Football Experience of the Future for Your Fans!

KINEXON ENGAGE is a hardware & software bundle that we customize to your needs. For a truly unique fan experience.

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