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Live Tracking Technology That Revolutionizes Handball

Throw speed, jump height, air time, passing accuracy, sprint speed, metabolic load and hundreds of other metrics can be recorded and automatically processed in real time thanks to KINEXON. Whether it’s amazing live statistics for fans like those offered by the LIQUI-MOLY Handball Bundesliga and the Handball EURO to their fans with KINEXON — or valuable sports science live insights for players, coaches and staff.

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Explore our products and take fitness, playing ability and fan engagement to a new level with the help of first-class live data!

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Mobile Player Tracking

With the world’s first handball-specific tracking system, you can quickly and easily record essential performance data of your players in any hall — the ideal data basis for modern load control!

Application areas: Load management, performance analysis, return-to-play and more

Tracking scope:
Availability: Post (partially live)
Coaches & trainers
Data collection via:

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High-End Tracking

The gold standard in handball: Get the most comprehensive live performance, load and tactics data ever in real time and capture all facets of the game with our exclusive ball tracking (optional)!

Application areas: Performance analysis, load management, return-to-play, tactics analysis, tactics training, youth development and more.
Tracking scope:
Player (optional: ball)
Data collection via:

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Live Stats for Fans

EHF & HBL show the way: With KINEXON ENGAGE fans get live info like jump height, air time, throwing speed, acceleration and more — inspire and engage fans with a unique live sports experience!

Application areas: Social media marketing, arena entertainment, marketing, sponsor activation and more.

Tracking scope:
Ball & player
Availability: Live or post
Users: Marketing, media, sponsors
Data collection via: UWB/LPS

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Player Tracking Mobile and Attractive as Never Before

The world’s first mobile handball player tracking solution.

As a tech partner of leading handball organizations and clubs, KINEXON has the most comprehensive and highest quality handball tracking database. PERFORM IMU draws on it with state-of-the-art AI (Artificial Intelligence) models. Your advantage: essential performance and load metrics in unbeatable effort-performance ratio.

That’s Why National Coaches Trust This Solution

As a national federation, the DHB does not have its own hall. A mobile, convenient solution for load analysis is needed. In an interview, the national coaches give an insight into their work!

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In league competition, MT Melsungen was the first club to use KINEXON PERFORM IMU. Athletic trainer Florian Sölter shares his experiences and gives a glimpse into the analysis work of the first division club.

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Top Features

Our IMU Technology

IMU (= Inertial Measurement Unit) is a combination of acceleration and angular rate sensors that record movements and decelerations precisely and without interference.

With KINEXON PERFORM IMU, these data are for the first time put in relation to a handball database and processed via artificial intelligence into performance and load data.

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Exclusive Database

As the market leader in handball tracking, KINEXON draws on the most comprehensive and highest quality database. It forms a worldwide unique basis for the currently best IMU-based tracking.

Mobile Technology

Our KINEXON IMU sensors are only 14g light and are worn in a functional vest under the jersey. They capture and synchronize movements and decelerations fully automatically as raw data.

AI-based Calculation

Exclusive AI (Artificial Intelligence) models developed in-house by KINEXON relate all raw IMU data to the KINEXON database and process it into essential performance and load metrics.

The Gold Standard in Live Training & Game Analysis

KINEXON PERFORM LPS offers the most comprehensive live data in handball. As a partner of SELECT, KINEXON is also the world’s only supplier of official match handballs with integrated tracking sensor — for real-time data of players and ball.

Top Features

Only at KINEXON: Upgrade With Ball Tracking!

Cooperations with meanwhile all leading ball manufacturers in handball as well as our renowned KINEXON LPS technology make it possible: Official professional handballs with integrated KINEXON tracking sensor provide for the most exclusive live data of the sport!

Select iBall Handball

Official Game Balls With Integrated Tracking Sensor

The KINEXON LPS technology established in top-class sports also enables real-time tracking of the ball. An ultra-light sensor replaces the counterweight of the valve 1:1 for this purpose, leaving the throwing & flight characteristics unchanged.

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The Fan Experience of the Future Has Begun!

Welcome to the future of sports marketing! Live data opens up unprecedented opportunities for clubs, leagues, federations and sponsors to deliver performance to fans across all devices.

Handball as a First-Mover

The German Handball Bundesliga is considered the strongest in its sport. And underlines this with an innovation: Fans get real-time live statistics on throwing speed, air time, sprint speed, jump height and more with KINEXON ENGAGE!

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Take the Next Jump!

How can your organization engage fans with live soccer data? Not with a formula! Let us develop your individual concept together and open up new ways of marketing with KINEXON!

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Open the Door to the Handball of the Future for Your Fans!

KINEXON ENGAGE is a hardware & software bundle that can be customized to your needs. For a truly unique fan experience.

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