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The Fastest Team Sport Requires the Fastest Analytics and Insights

With KINEXON technology, taking your team to the next level has never been easier. Our small lightweight sensors are easily mounted below jerseys and pads before players take the ice to be able to provide game-changing data to coaches and staff. Our products not only provide the most comprehensive performance analytics available, but also help teams gain a tactical advantage over their opponents.

Tracking at Home and on the Road

Our LPS technology provides an unrivaled combination of accuracy (<10 cm) and latency (<100 ms), allowing for the transmission of gapless tracking data in real-time. KINEXON also has the flexibility to track athletes on the road with an easily transportable IMU system.

These offerings, as well as the built-in performance consulting from our industry-leading data and sports science experts, create the most reliable and holistic solution in hockey.

Our Hockey Products


KINEXON PERFORM is the premier solution for performance profiling, conditioning, training loads, and injury management. With PERFORM coaches can monitor player health and development in real-time on any preferred device.

Live and Customizable Metrics

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Our solutions change the way we see hockey. Real-time tracking and unique metrics provide a new level of automated insight into practice and game loads. Track performance, then analyze and compare with individual KPIs. Coaches can customize and select the most applicable metrics for their team.

These metrics:

  • Help design practices and drills to prepare for game level demands.
  • Prevent overuse by monitoring seasonal workloads.
  • Create return-to-play protocols for injured players based on baseline practice and game data.
  • Enable long term data analysis on style-of-play to help develop players in your system.


KINEXON’s hockey solution is widely regarded as the premier offering in the NHL. Currently, some of the most successful teams across the league rely on KINEXON for next level performance tracking and tactical analysis.

Pittsburgh Penguins

New York Rangers

Chicago Blackhawks

New Jersey Devils

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Professional Teams Internationally Have Adopted KINEXON’s Hockey Products

Top professional teams in Europe have taken notice of the impact that KINEXON has had in the NHL and have decided to implement KINEXON to take their game to the next level.

Augsburger Panther

HC Ambrì-Piotta

SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers

Eisbären Berlin

Watch the case study video below to learn how one of Germany’s top teams utilizes KINEXON’s game-changing products.

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