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Just as it is not the individual performances of players alone that decide a match, it is also not individual statistics and metrics that lead to victory. It is the right strategy and its targeted implementation.

Our Promise

Our ambition is to enable coaches to create meaningful analyses from millions of possible data combinations. Already during an ongoing training session. And always with a clear goal in mind.

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Smart strategies

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Our Team

René Prüßner

True sports data expert. Coaching and consulting on the sidelines for over 10 years now. Worked with over 50 clubs in 15 countries.

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Paul Robbins

Consulting with clubs and training athletes for over 25 years. Focus on data-based managing training and recovery loads using tracking systems in pro sports.

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Michael Elmer

Former professional ice hockey coach with international experience. Used to coach the German national team, now on the sidelines for KINEXON.

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Paul Niehaus

Active football player with professional experience as a player, coach and performance analyst, as well equipped with the DFB-Elite-Jugend license and fitness A‑license.

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Greg Bernstein

Trained data scientist specializing in sports knowledge and performance data. Focus on designing metrics to capture new information and translating tracking data into actionable insights.

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Our Services

Performance Diagnostics


Learn to use data live without losing focus! We support the live analysis of a session and make sure you don’t miss anything.


Performance Package


Get everything out of KINEXON PERFORM! You will learn to plan strategies, create reports, use live data, structure pre & post analysis.


Kinexon Sports iBall Software Usage

Tactics Package


Secure exclusive expertise and experience! As the world’s only ball tracking provider, we accompany you through the season with individual analyses.


Data alone does not make the difference. Reading it quickly, understanding its context and correlations, defining efficient measures and monitoring progress easily — all this makes the difference.”

René Prüßner (Head of Sport Science @ KINEXON Sports & Media)
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