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UWB wearable against COVID-19


World-Leading Digital Solution: How Companies Protect Their Employees and Operations

KINEXON SafeZone captures risk encounters live, centimeter-precise and anonymized. And it is available for tens of thousands of employees. Learn here how companies from industries, events and professional sports protect their employees and operations with KINEXON SafeZone against COVID-19.​

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And This is How It Works:

In order to secure ongoing operations in times of COVID-19, two measures are essential for companies: ensuring distance regulations and tracing possible contact chains in the event of infection.

KINEXON SafeZone supports both with precise and award-winning technology.
More reliable and precise than contact tracing apps!

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1 | Contact Warning

Complying with physical distancing regulations is top priority when it comes to avoiding COVID-19. With KINEXON SafeZone, employees wear a small lightweight wearable sensor, which in real-time warns the user if they are too close to someone else. Also known as a proximity recording or warning device, the wearable emits an alarm if the contact becomes critical.”

  • Visual and audible warning signals
  • Configurable warning profiles
  • Centimeter-accurate distance detection
  • Does not track absolute location or movement
  • Highest data protection standards
  • No infrastructure required

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2 | Contact Tracing

No measure can provide 100% protection against infection. That is why our solution allows businesses to digitally trace chains of infection immediately after learning about an infection. This ensures the minimum amount of spread and allows for employees to stay healthy and companies to remain operational.

  • Information about contact proximity and duration
  • Evaluation of contact intensity
  • Individual configuration
  • Simple and fast operation
  • Data protected

Core of Our Solution: KINEXON SafeTag

Our small lightweight wearable, the KINEXON SafeTag,
provides the user with both contact warning and contact tracing.

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Over 1,000 International Media Reports

KINEXON SafeZone became a popular topic with European and US media in 2020. We have compiled a few of them in this short clip.

Apply the Full Potential of Technical Measures!

In accordance with the so-called STOP principle”, technical measures such as the use of KINEXON SafeZone for distance measurement and contact tracing must be taken. These promise, after the complete elimination of the source of danger itself, the highest protection effect.

Infographic STOP principle EN KINEXON

Article Series: How COVID-19 Endangers Companies

In our latest series of blog articles we take a look at the different areas affected by the pandemic.

Current Facts and Insights

It’s the facts that count.
See below for current insights and statistics from our SafeZone projects:

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of potentially critical contacts (Robert Koch Institute) were actively avoided by users of the KINEXON SafeTag after only a few days.

200722 Social Media Post Impact Series Hightlight V2 1

of critical contacts are missed without a digital solution in an interview-based tracing process.

200722 Social Media Post Impact Series Hightlight V2 2

are falsely sent into quarantine in an interview-based tracing process.

200722 Social Media Post Impact Series Hightlight V2 3

is the average time to identify critical contacts with KINEXON SafeZone — from the real-time contact tracing to the time an employee is told to quarantine.

200722 Social Media Post Impact Series Hightlight V2 5

users of KIN­EXON Safe­Zo­ne sta­ted that they feel safer in their dai­ly work by wea­ring the SafeTag.

200722 Social Media Post Impact Series Hightlight V2 6

does it take time for the KINEXON SafeTag to warn its user if a person gets too close.

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Trust in Leading-Edge Technology

KINEXON offers a solution for contact warning, contact tracing or exposure management” that sets standards for today’s safe working environment:

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One day setup with no infrastructure required

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Highly scalable

Designed for flexible use on a large scale

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Strong data protection

No personal devices required or storage of personal data

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Highest precision

The most precise distance monitoring system 

We knew we couldn’t do it manually at the level we would need to do it, and we began to look for innovative ways. […] We really only found KINEXON that had something ready and in the market and at the number of devices we were going to need — because we’re putting it on all players and personnel and anyone that works in close proximity with our players.”

Starting at 70 Cents per Day!

Did you know that the use of masks currently costs companies $1.10 per day on average? By comparison: KINEXON SafeZone costs 70 cents per day.

Consider this: If you no longer need SafeTag sensors, they can be reused for other use cases.
Let us advise you!

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