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KINEXON Applies the Principles of Automated Driving to Driverless Transport Systems

To ensure that your automated guided vehicle (AGV) navigate completely freely, flexibly, and autonomously on the shopfloor, you need an intelligent and very fast control system.

This is because both local and global position and motion data of all actors need to be combined and processed seamlessly. KINEXON’s AGV navigation will help you achieve just that. You will benefit from new applications, increased capacities, and higher productivity.

Robotic smart transport for the control FTF fleet on the shop floor

KINEXON AGV Navigation Used at BMW

The AGV navigation from KINEXON used at BMW controls the AGV fleet completely freely and independently of track specifications on the shopfloor. The necessary materials therefore reach the various production areas autonomously and just in time

Facts & Figures

AGV/AMR animation using the example of autonomous track guidance

AGVs With Rigid Track Guidance Slow Down Processes

Automated guided vehicles used in production are, in most cases, navigated by means of physical and therefore rigid track guidance. The travel paths of the driverless transport vehicles need to be almost completely known before the system is put into operation because subsequent changes are very time-consuming. 

This means that the immense potential that comes with the AGV can only be utilized to a limited extent. At the same time, classic Industry 4.0 requirements, such as handling increasing complexity on the shopfloor, remain unfulfilled.

AGV Navigation via UWB Provides the Most Accurate and Stable Solution

KINEXON AGV navigation uses the wireless and high-precision KINEXON UWB localization network. The way it works is similar to a satellite-based navigation system: The anchors act as a satellite and the sensors installed in the vehicle function as its on-board navigation system.

Similar to self-driving cars, driverless transport systems also need global localization information in order to navigate on the shopfloor in a stable manner. This central information is provided to the visual localization (e.g., SLAM) by the real-time location sensor network (RTLS) from KINEXON.

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Smart Intelligence Replaces Tracks

In order to achieve completely free AGV navigation that works independently of track specifications, all sensor data needs to be processed in real time. This task is performed by our KINEXON BRAIN, which is installed directly on the AGV

This makes investments in setting up and regularly adapting the track infrastructure unnecessary. It even makes it possible to open up areas with rapidly growing environments with your AGV fleet.

indoor outdoor localization animation with blue elements

Stable Localization Indoors and Outdoors

The seamless switching between areas with and without UWB reception creates complete freedom when it comes to the use of your AGV fleet indoors and outdoors. This enormous level of flexibility is achieved by combining visual navigation solutions (e.g., SLAM), a UWB-based real-time location system (RTLS), and GPS/GNSS positioning.

The KINEXON BRAIN always intelligently uses the position data that is most readily available. This ensures a very high level of stability with regard to localization, even in rough industrial environments.

AGV animation with multiple providers

AGVs of Various Manufacturers Can Be Used

The KINEXON AGV guidance system communicates with AGVs of different manufacturers and assigns pending orders and routes to them intelligently and fully automatically.

This not only increases the utilization of all your automated guided vehicles, but simultaneously provides a maximum level of flexibility with regard to the selection and integration of different transport systems.

AGV animation with multiple elements

Digital Coordination of Different Actors

KINEXON collects and the processes position and motion data of all objects and actors on the shopfloor using the location-based process automation software KINEXON OS, which it developed itself. This data makes it possible to achieve advanced traffic management in zones. 

Your AGV therefore also reacts to forklifts or people who suddenly cross its path. Cost-intensive areas where only AGVs can drive are a thing of the past.

AGV Navigation Therefore Enables You to Increase Your Added Value

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Flexible Application Scenarios

KINEXON’s AGV navigation paves the way for completely new areas of application (e.g., mixed traffic) for your AGV fleets on the shopfloor and is therefore highly flexible. 

This creates countless automation variants that in turn boost the productivity of the entire production process.

blue bar graph symbolize maximum utilization

Maximum Vehicle Utilization

The use of innovative, state-of-the-art technology reduces the likelihood of your AGV failing to a minimum, even on rough terrain. 

This increases utilization and makes it possible to exploit the potential for savings to the maximum extent

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Fast Reaction Times

The constantly growing desire for customization among customers calls for agile production that needs to react to new requirements quickly. 

The complete digitalization of AGV navigation is the answer to mastering this challenge.

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For AGV Manufacturers

As a manufacturer of driverless transport systems, our portfolio of solutions will benefit you thanks to reduced research and development efforts. Are you planning to provide an autonomous driverless transport system?

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For AGV Users

Our AGV navigation allows you as a user of driverless transport systems to intelligently network your fleet, no matter who manufactured it. We network them with all actors on the shopfloor, expand their range of application, and increase their productivity.

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KINEXON AGV Navigation in Action

We ensure that AGVs drive autonomously and intelligently.

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