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Basketball PERFORM


More than 75 % of All NBA Teams Rely on Our Performance Tracking and Tactical Analysis Technology

Our smart sports tracking solution, KINEXON PERFORM, offers basketball coaches the most precise player performance data and tactical insights on the market. More than 75 % of NBA coaches use our live data, generated by the leading UWB network technology, to guide their players through practices and games. 

Get every movement on the floor translated into valuable position, motion and physiological data in real time! Algorithms transform these into insights about performance, injury prevention, return-to-play and tactics.

The Top 3 Benefits for Basketball Coaches

Basketball is an intense, dynamic sport, with a high game frequency. This leads to a very high risk of injury. That is why KINEXON PERFORM addresses the three dimensions of performance improvement with its smart sports tracking solution.

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1 | Improve Performance

KINEXON PERFORM helps to improve strength, speed, endurance and flexibility of every player by visualizing performance and its trend on a high granularity. Smart algorithms deliver exclusive metrics on volume (e.g. distance, activity time) or intensity (e.g. distance/​minute, number of sprints) of practices and games. Analyze metrics over time, compare to peer groups and push personal strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers drives to the basket in the second quarter

2 | Reduce Injuries

With 82 regular season games per NBA season, teams are often forced to play back-to-back nights. The risk of injury increases game by game. With KINEXON PERFORM we found a way to reduce the risk of non-contact injuries. In collaboration with leading experts and scientists, we developed smart metrics that detect hints of overloading. KINEXON PERFORM makes it easy for coaches to keep an eye on the condition of each individual player and protect their health.

KINEXON motion profiles allow you to compare performances and movements

3 | Return-to-Play

KINEXON PERFORM provides support even when injuries cannot be prevented. Getting a player back on the floor is crucial to a team’s success. However, if the athlete is not 100 percent healthy it could lead to a second, sometimes more serious injury. Our motion profiles compare the performance and movement of recently injured athletes with their performance levels when they are at full health. 

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More Than 180 Metrics

Coaches trust KINEXON PERFORM because it covers a broad set of advanced metrics.

Icon Mechanical Load


monitors the dynamics of a game

Icon Jumps


shows how flexible and explosive a player is

Icon Acceleration Bins


warns when a player gets overloaded

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.…and many more.

Further Examples of Our Basketball-Relevant Metrics

See below for more examples of our huge catalogue of basketball-specific metrics:

Icon Distance


Icon Speed


Icon Number Accelerations


Icon Number Sprint


Icon Acceleration Load


Icon Heart Rate


Icon Core Temperatre


Icon Steps


Icon Deceleration Event


Icon Metabolic Power


Icon Density Performance


Icon Placeholder

… and many more.

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The Next Level of Smart Tactical Analysis by KINEXON PERFORM

Our smart performance tracking solution doesn’t stop at performance analysis. Thanks to our pioneering integration of a UWB sensor into the ball, our precise position data can also be used for profound tactical analysis.

Benefit from the first ball tracking solution on the market!

With KINEXON PERFORM’s ball tracking technology, you are able to track player movement and ball movement at the same time. By combining the generated data, it enables coaches to measure, analyze, explain and improve the offensive positioning with the ball and defensive positioning off the ball. This service runs in real time.

Choose Your Tactical Analysis Package!

Precise position data is the key to profound tactical analytics. KINEXON offers two types of tactical analysis.

See how performance tracking and tactical analysis work in practice!

In the video below you’ll see how player and ball tracking help you to analyze game situations.
Find more information about tactical analysis here.

Additional Features of KINEXON PERFORM

Our tracking solution offers full connectivity which allows us to implement numerous third-party applications and integrate PERFORM into your existing system.

Our Latest Basketball Partnerships

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KINEXON connects shot-tracking analysis by RSPCT with player position tracking

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Data from KINEXON can be transmitted to the external Smartabase AMS

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Bi-directional integration to see data/​video content in both solutions

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Performance analysis by KINEXON and video analysis by PlaySight synchronized

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