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The Most Trusted Player Tracking and Sports Analytics Provider in Basketball

KINEXON PERFORM is the premier sports performance software for profiling, conditioning, load management, and injury prevention. 

As a result, more than 80% of NBA teams, two dozen top NCAA men’s and women’s programs, as well as professional teams across Europe and Asia all rely on KINEXON to take their performance to the next level.

Two Superior Offerings All in One Platform

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Our LPS technology provides an unrivaled combination of accuracy (<10 cm) and latency (<100 ms), allowing for the transmission of gapless tracking data in real-time.

KINEXON is one of the leading sports analytics companies because our software provides the flexibility to track athletes at home and on the road with an easily transportable IMU system.

These offerings, as well as the built-in sports performance consulting from our industry-leading data and sports science experts, create the most reliable and holistic solution in basketball.

The NBA’s Most Used Software For Basketball Analytics

Since entering the NBA in 2016, KINEXON has become the league’s premier player performance software and analytics provider.

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The practical value of services like KINEXON is virtually limitless for teams willing to invest. Don’t be surprised if KINEXON is a household name for statheads within a couple years.”

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In less than two years, KINEXON has gone from NBA outsider to the league’s No. 1 provider of wearable technology.”

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As KINEXON continues to develop new and innovative metrics for all of the clients it works with, one thing is certain, its ability to provide performance enhancing insights is revolutionizing the way teams practice and prepare for the demands of a long season.”

Performance Metrics

Statistics that go beyond the box score

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Mechanical Load

A weighted sum of the number of accelerations and decelerations performed by a player at different intensities.

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Physio Load

A measure of the speed and distance covered by a player in accordance with their body weight.

Acceleration, Deceleration & Sprint Event

Counts of sustained, explosive movement categorized by different thresholds of effort.

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Total distance covered and feet per minute. Time spent and distance covered in different speed zones is also available.

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Jump Events

The number of significant jumps recorded by the player. The height of each jump is also available.

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Loads can also be defined on a per minute basis to standardize for playing time.

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Kinexon Basketball Software Layers

These metrics

  • Help design practices and drills to prepare for game level demands.
  • Prevent overuse by monitoring seasonal workloads.
  • Create return-to-play protocols for injured players based on baseline practice and game data.
  • Enable long term data analysis on style-of-play to help develop young players in your system.

Analytics Platform

No matter which KINEXON technology you are using all metrics can be visualized using our analytics platform, which is compatible with nearly any device or computer. Baseline reporting is implemented to provide an overview of both player and team performance. Advanced API connectivity to athlete management systems is also available.

The Fastest Growing Performance Solution in College Basketball

KINEXON recently extended its basketball footprint by installing performance systems for schools across America. Currently, some of the most successful men’s and women’s basketball programs in eight different conferences rely on KINEXON for next level performance tracking.

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Our most popular offering in the NCAA at the moment is our IMU system, which does not require a wired installation. With this technology, coaches can track athlete performance anytime, anywhere.

For college programs who used KINEXON SafeZone during the COVID-19 pandemic, a limited time offer is available to convert contact tracing systems into IMU systems.

Learn more by downloading our SafeZone to IMU brochure

Professional Teams Internationally Have Adopted KINEXON PERFORM

Top professional teams in Europe and Asia have taken notice of the impact that KINEXON has had in the NBA and have decided to implement KINEXON PERFORM. Watch the case study video below to learn how the top teams in Germany utilize KINEXON’s game-changing solution.


KINEXON has been recommended by performance leaders at all levels of basketball.

The demand of the game is significant.

… To withstand it, we must understand how players play. KINEXON helps us do that. Last year we collected a season’s worth of performance metrics with the help of KINEXON. These metrics helped mange our players to withstand 151 days, 102 practices and 32 games.”

— Matthew Johnson, Director of Men’s Basketball Strength & Conditioning, Butler Men’s Basketball

I couldn’t be more pleased with how this season has gone thus far.

KINEXON has been consistently available and accessible to answer any question or concerns as we work our way through this learning process. I would strongly recommend KINEXON to any amateur or professional sports organization looking to track and monitor workloads, to enhance performance and improve clinical health outcomes.”

— Chip Schaefer, Director of Performance Health, Chicago Bulls

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