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Surpass Your Competition in Performance and Tactics

KINEXON PERFORM for football brings the performance and tactics of your team to the next level. Our solution collects position, motion and physiological data in real time. Smart algorithms transform the data into actionable insights into performance, injury prevention, return-to-play and tactics. With PERFORM you monitor the activities of your athletes and teams both in training and match situations. Last but not least, we are the first company worldwide to offer the connected football match ball. It opens the door to new tactical insights and enables a holistic football analysis.

3 Features That Make KINEXON Special

As one of the best known professional smart tracking providers, we cover all metrics that football coaches are used to working with. Where other technologies reach their limits, we score:

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Powerful Insights With Simple Setup

KINEXON PERFORM offers a fixed solution to capture game-changing data. Our small lightweight sensors can be mounted in different ways (shirts, bras, clips for trousers etc.) and collect various data such as position, motion and physiological data (e.g. heart rate). Advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence create actionable insights. These can be accessed in real time on any laptop or tablet, making it possible to monitor, analyze and act in real time.

Improve Fitness With Metrics by KINEXON

There is not just one tactic that leads to victory. But there are prerequisites that every winning team needs: flexibility, reliability and commitment to excellence. KINEXON brings all three qualities to your team, with a flexible, customizable product, reliable real-time metrics and the commitment to always deliver the most accurate and smartest data.

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1 | Improve Performance

KINEXON PERFORM helps coaches exploit individual potential and improves the performance of athletes in terms of strength, speed, endurance and flexibility. Based on smart algorithms, we produce valuable metrics on the volume (e.g. distance, activity time) and intensity (e.g. distance/​minute, number of sprints) of a training session, a match or individual periods. Metrics can be analyzed over time or be compared in relation to peer groups. Performance has never been more transparent!

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2 | Reduce Injuries

KINEXON helps to maximize the availability of athletes. Our mission: zero injuries! For sustainable injury prevention we offer dedicated metrics that have been developed in cooperation with leading experts and scientists. All metrics have undergone a strict validation process. Data may not prevent accidents, but it helps to reduce the permanent risks of non-contact injuries that are caused by overloading.

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3 | Return-to-Play

Injuries can never be completely prevented. If they occur, they pose a great challenge not only to the individual athlete, but to the team. That is why we’ve developed a way to let you analyze and control the profiles of injured players. Motion profiles analyze the data of the recovering player with their personal top-performance metrics to reduce the risk of a repeat or secondary injury.

Utilize more than 180 Metrics That Push Boundries

There are some sport-specific metrics that every football coach relies on when it comes to performance analysis. We track and display all of them in real time.

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Icon Number Accelerations


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Icon Metabolic Power


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Icon Heart Rate Recovery


Icon Density Performance


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… and many more.

Our Highlights

Our broad set of advanced metrics enables coaches to improve athletes’ performance as precisely as ever before. KINEXON technology adds the superior plus of exclusive real-time insight:

Icon Direction Change


monitors the dynamics of a game

Icon Heart Rate Variability


shows how flexible and explosive a player is 

Icon Workload Ratio


warns when a player gets overloaded

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.…and many more. 

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Improve Offensive and Defensive Positioning With Smart Tactical Analysis by KINEXON

Precise position data is the key to profound tactical analytics. KINEXON offers a variety of metrics that enable coaches to measure, analyze and improve the offensive and defensive behavior in football. In selected football leagues, we cooperate with the official match ball partners.

Experience the first smart ball tracking solution on the market!

Through the integration of our sensor into the ball we have created the first true smart balls worldwide. In combination with player tracking and artificial intelligence, precise position and status data of the ball opens the door to a completely new dimension of tactical real-time analytics.

Choose Your Tactical Analysis Package!

Precise position data is the key to profound tactical analytics. We offer two ways of AI-supported tactical analysis.

See how both work in practice:

In the video below, you’ll see how player and ball tracking help you to analyze game situations. Please find more information about tactical analysis here.

Our Flexible Data Features

We know that you not only need a lot of data, but every piece of it. That is why we offer full connectivity. You name the data provider you work with and we implement their data into our app.

Our Latest Football Partnerships

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KINEXON data can be integrated into the AMS and thus allow coaches a 360-degree analysis.

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Together we developed a 100% operational match ball with an integrated tracking sensor.

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Game On
Data and live video content can seamlessly be integrated.

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Heart-rate data by Firstbeat can be integrated in and synced with the KINEXON application.

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