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Unleash the Power of Performance and Tactical Analysis of KINEXON PERFORM

The fastest teamsport needs the fastest and most precise data. That’s why KINEXON PERFORM belongs to the most demanded real-time sports tracking solutions on the market. Small lightweight sensors can quickly be mounted below jerseys and pads and track all movements of the players on the ice. By this means, hockey coaches get motion and physiological data displayed on a tablet without delay. Smart Algorithms turn all figures into exclusive and actionable insights.

Why Coaches Trust KINEXON

KINEXON is one of the fastest growing smart sports tracking providers in US sports. Where other technologies reach their limits, we score:

Ice Hockey Goalkeeper in the Mask

Small Sensors and Simple Setup for Big Impact

KINEXON PERFORM is as well available as a fixed and as a mobile solution. Our sensors are small (smaller than a matchbox), lightweight (<15 g), extremely robust and can be mounted in shirts, bras, clips for trousers etc.

Performance information such as position, motion and physiological data (e.g. heart rate) are tracked and displayed in real-time. This enables hockey coaches to monitor, analyze and react during ongoing game and training sessions. In addition, advanced smart algorithms and artificial intelligence transform live-data into actionable insights — as well accessible on any preferred device and in real-time.

How Hockey Coaches Benefit from KINEXON PERFORM

Hockey is one of the most physical teamsports. That’s why high-performance not only means to improve fitness but also to protect fitness. KINEXON PERFORM is the smart performance solution that helps to perfect both.

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1 | Boost Performance

Hockey players depend on strength, speed, endurance and agility. KINEXON PERFORM not only tracks metrics for all these abilities, but also allows to analyze and compare with different time periods, top performances or peer groups. Hockey coaches can customize KINEXON PERFORM and select their favored metrics about volume (e.g. distance, activity time) and intensity (e.g. distance/​minute, number of sprints) of a training session or match. Additionally to this, smart algorithms transform numbers to exclusive, actionable insights.

Men play ice hockey

2 | Reduce Injuries

KINEXON PERFORM follows a mission: zero non-contact injuries! Preventing injuries that are not caused by impacts or collisions makes a big difference. In cooperation with leading experts and scientists KINEXON developed dedicated metrics that help to detect physical irregularities and warn before overload injuries occur. All these metrics have undergone a strict validation process. 

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3 | Secure Return-to-Play

Especially in hockey, injuries can never be prevented 100%. So getting injured athletes back on the ice is a high-priority topic for every coach. That’s why KINEXON developed a solution that allows coaches to analyze and control the development of players during the regeneration and in comparison to the time before their injury. These motion profiles can as well be compared with their personal top-performance level to reduce any risks of a secondary injuries. 

Over 180 Metrics Enable a New Generation of Coaching

KINEXON PERFORM covers all proven hockey-specific and sports performance metrics — in real-time! These include, among many others:

Icon Distance


Icon Speed


Icon Number Accelerations


Icon Number Sprint


Icon Metabolic Power


Icon Skating Transitions


Icon Density Performance




Icon Heart Rate Variability


Icon Heart Rate


Icon Energy Consumtion


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… and many more.

Special Metrics That Hockey Coaches Prefer

KINEXON PERFORM stands out with a series of advanced metrics that enable hockey coaches to improve their team’s performances as precisely as never before:

Icon Combined Impact Event


Icon Direction Change


Icon Physio Intensity


Icon Placeholder

.…and many more.

How KINEXON PERFORM Works in Practice

See in this video how player tracking helps to analyse player performance and behaviour.
Please find more information about tactical analysis here.

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Adjust Every Detail of Offensive and Defensive Behavior With Smart Tactical Analysis by KINEXON

Tactical analysis expands athlete performance tracking to your whole team performance. As our pioneering UWB sensor technology tracks players ultra precisely, fast and reliable, movements of all team members on the ice can be analyzed simultaneously. See the game from a new perspective and browse through decisive game moments at any time!

The open interface of KINEXON PERFORM breaks boundaries as all available third-party applications can be integrated in the KINEXON system. 

More Features of KINEXON PERFORM

Our hockey tracking solution offers full connectivity. This allows us to implement any third party application and integrate PERFORM into any existing infrastructure.

Our Latest Hockey Partnerships

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Data integration allows KINEXON application to sync data with the arena’s scoreboard.

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Users can use Hudl features (tag actions, take notes etc.) within KINEXON application.

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HRF data by Firstbeat can be integrated in and synced with the KINEXON application.

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Video technology by Pixellot also available within KINEXON application. 

In Good Company

See below a selection of recent und current hockey brands that work with KINEXON soccer analysis technology.

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