Automatic control of tools during assembly

Tool Management


How Real-Time Tracking of Tools Increases Quality and Speed of Assembly Processes

Our combination of high-precision localization technology and real-time IoT platform (RIoT) interconnects assembly steps with tool assistance systems in the sense of a smart factory”. This results in some work steps becoming obsolete as well as the ability to reduce incorrect assembly. As a whole, this is demonstrably reflected in a higher cycle speed and more consistent product quality.

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We Help You to Manage The "Batch Size 1" Trend

In the industry 4.0 era, companies are faced with ever more customized requirements on the part of customers, which is driving production towards the batch size 1” approach.

These new circumstances present completely new challenges in the assembly stage. For one thing, employees need more and more time before beginning the next work step. Ultimately, you need to firstly identify the product type and prepare all the necessary tools for use. In addition, the greater variation in the task steps and the differences in settings massively increase error rates.

Both are challenges which stand in stark contrast to the increased expectations of productivity and quality in times of enormous global competitive pressure.

Impact of Location-Enabled Tool Management

Automate Your Shop Floor With KINEXON Tool Management

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complete tool inventory control and tool management

Always Have the Right Tool at Hand

Assembly lines, tools and other equipment are equipped with KINEXON sensors, thereby creating full transparency in the KINEXON RIoT platform regarding data about locations and movement.

Laborious searches for incorrectly stored tools are a thing of the past. Full inventory control and management of tools is also ensured.

Unauthorized objects can also be identified immediately in critical work areas.

Automatic presetting of tools using tool management as an example

Automatic Configuration of Tools

When a manufactured part approaches the next step on the assembly line, KINEXON’s tool management solution automatically initiates all subsequent steps in real time.

As a result, tool settings, such as the correct torque, are automatically adjusted to the current manufactured part. Should the wrong tool be accidentally used, the tool will automatically deactivate itself, thereby preventing incorrect assembly.

How the KINEXON Tool Management Solution Creates Competitive Advantages

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Reduced Set-up Times

Process steps such as the preparation of an assembly step or the searching for, testing and adjusting of tools are omitted. Set-up times are therefore much shorter.

With such an efficient tool management you can achieve assembly line speeds which are up to 5% faster and increased production quantities – with the same personnel and material input.

Icon using the example of increased product quality

Higher Product Quality

As a result of intelligent tool management preventing incorrect work steps during the assembly stage, wastage is lowered and your product quality is increased at the same time.

In addition, you gain a fully documented assignment of the work steps to create the finished product. Should questions arise, you can research the root cause in a focused and efficient manner.

Icon using the example predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

By seamlessly tracking the use of your tools using our solution, you will be able to adapt their maintenance cycles to workloads and use.

This avoids unnecessary investments, significantly reduces maintenance costs and protects the production process from costly breakdowns thanks to anticipatory maintenance. 

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