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Sports Analytics Change the Game

Big Data certainly is a mega trend. The consolidation of information and knowledge enables the analysis and interpretation of correlations and patterns where humans only see chaotic amounts of data. Analytics gain importance in everyday life and business to foresee flu epidemics or the termination of a customer contract – and has meanwhile also caught the attention of sports professionals. What started with the manual counting of passes, shots or the covered distance of players, has now emerged to an innovative industry around sports data. Coaches, scouts and doctors realize the importance of frequently analyzing performance data of athletes in order to make decisions based on reliable information, which complements their subjective interpretation. “The match analysis department is the most important department for me”, emphasized Pep Guardiola when he started coaching Bayern München. And he is not alone: Manchester City employs 11 experts focusing on athlete analytics, David Moyes worked successfully with performance data in Everton, whereas the technological awareness is already high in various US sports. Information about tactical patterns, counter attack indexes or fatigue barometers can make a difference – not only during the training but also in decisive game situations.

However, the collection of the necessary raw data to calculate relevant indicators is challenging. Kinexon has developed a wearable technology that enables the seamless detection of motion data with a micro sensor, which is attached to the athlete’s back. The lightweight device tracks centimeter-accurate 3D-localization and motion data, which is then analyzed by an analytics engine in real-time. The result: KPIs about motion, orientation, performance and health that help to improve training, technique and tactics. The statistics are intuitively visualized on a mobile device to enable prompt adjustments – and to simplify the analyses for the coaching staff.

Kinexon does not only provide accurate data in real-time but is also an easy to handle portable system, which can be setup within minutes. “All components fit in one suitcase”, says Managing Director Dr. Alexander Hüttenbrink who co-founded the Munich-based company with Dr. Oliver Trinchera in 2012.

Well-known partners work with the cutting-edge technology that was developed in cooperation with the European Space Agency and Technische Universität München (Munich). After intense testing, it is now time to guide teams from all over the world to the next level – which is why Kinexon participates at the Sports Analytics Innovation Summit in London on March 25 and 26 to discuss technological trends with sports representatives from all over the world. Our goal is clear: To sensitize the leading players for the three dominant keywords in athlete analytics: Precise. Simple. Smart.

KINEXON Smart Analytics Application for mobile devices.

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