The leading sports analytics company in the industry is Kinexon sports, offering GPS, IMU, and LPS player tracking.

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The Sports World Relies on LIVE Data and Analytics From KINEXON

KINEXON’s sports performance software and player tracking devices can cover any sport. That’s why our technology is being used by the top teams, in the biggest leagues, across Europe and North America. 

Whether it’s the NFL, or NCAA football and basketball teams, professional soccer leagues, the NBA, handball, ice hockey, volleyball, or any of the other sports we track — players, coaches and trainers love the versatility, speed, and reliability our sports data provides.

Our Partners in Sports and Media

Some of the biggest names in sports trust KINEXON PERFORM and/​or ENGAGE athlete trackers.

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RasenBallsport Leipzig e.V., commonly known as RB Leipzig, Red Bull Leipzig, or simply Leipzig, is a German professional football club based in Leipzig that uses football analytics.
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Miami University uses College Basketball analytics to help it's coaches keep track of player workloads and other metrics.

Market Share in the NBA

Market Share in the NBA

KINEXON is the number one sports performance software among teams in the best basketball league in the world. No other sports analytics company is used by more NBA teams in practices and games than KINEXON.

First Place for KINEXON

KINEXON is the leading provider of intelligent, live sports data and analysis — not just in facilities, but also in stadiums of the world’s top leagues.

TSG Hoffenheim is just one of the women's sports teams using sports analytics to design custom training regimens for its women athletes.

Collaborating to Create New Standards in Women's Football

In cooperation with KINEXON, TSG Hoffenheim and more flagship teams will feature women-specific training control in the near future. By using the mobile player tracking system from KINEXON, data and knowledge gaps will be filled and new standards created.

Follow the entire process and the story behind it here — in a documentary series, several webinars, blog articles and other exclusive insights.

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FC Bayern Basketball Provides Insights Into Load Management

The pandemic has made load management even more challenging for FC Bayern Basketball’s professional team. In our case video, athletic trainer Luka Svilar shares insights on how tracking data helps him protect players from overload.

Find out what metrics Luka Svilar works with, how easy and quick the analysis is to prepare, how the players feel about the data-driven approach, and why FC Bayern Basketball has two different KINEXON systems in use.

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World Premiere for Ball Tracking in Portugal's Highest Football League

During the Liga Portugal bwin relegation playoffs, a ball with an integrated tracking sensor was used in an official match for the very first time.

Accuracy, reliability and a potential combined application of ball and player tracking were put to the test in this live showcase — and when questioning whether live data can make a league more attractive for fans, media and sponsors found a clear answer. 

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Measurably Stronger Physique Thanks to Tracking Data

After being promoted to the Swiss National League in 2018, the SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers hockey team stagnated in last place in the table for two seasons. In season 2020 – 2021, the team handed over the red lantern” and found themselves in 10th place at the end of the season.

The breakthrough came the following year. With the help of KINEXON PERFORM LPS, the Lakers saw their record greatly improve, and look to build upon that success.

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Peaking at an Opportune Time

Director of Athletic Performance for Football, Lyle Henley, provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the Blazers of the University of Alabama at Birmingham utilized KINEXON performance data and analytics throughout the 2021 season to make more informed training decisions. 

The team ended the year earning its highest-ranked win in program history.

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How FCF Is Using KINEXON to Revolutionize the Fan Experience

Take an inside look at how Fan Controlled Football is integrating KINEXON technology into every facet of the game — not only to enhance the performance of players, but to take the fan experience to the next level.

Ray Austin, Co-Founder & Commissioner of Fan Controlled Football, provides a glimpse into the never-before-seen strategy of an unparalleled league for which live sports data is truly game-changing.

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Performance, Security & Entertainment in German Professional Basketball

Real-time sports technology from KINEXON plays an increasingly important role in German professional basketball. While 80 percent of the NBA franchises already use KINEXON technology in training, the German league is breaking new ground:

Both the league itself, and the top clubs of the easycredit Basketball Bundesliga, work with KINEXON. The areas of application for the UWB-based real-time technology range from the court, to the video boards, to online media, to the weight room, to the entire arena.

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Ball & Player Tracking Took the Passing Game to a New Level

Bundesliga football club Bayer 04 Leverkusen has been known for decades for its attractive style of play. Under head analyst Marcel Daum, this continued with a clear tactical plan. The objective: possession of the ball and pass quality at the highest level. 

By using ball and player tracking from KINEXON in training, exercises are adapted in real time, individual and collective developments are analyzed and the progress in official games is tracked thanks to seamless data analysis. 

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Welcome to the Handball League of the Future

The LIQUI MOLY Handball Bundesliga (HBL) is considered the strongest handball league in the world. Since the 201920 season, it has been using KINEXON technology to collect performance data from the professionals and match balls. The goal: State-of-the-art real-time data shall help to reach and excite new target groups. 

KINEXON not only enables the LIQUI MOLY HBL to generate high-quality, reliable data, but also to share selected data automatically with coaches, sponsors, media and service providers via open interfaces. Completely new ways of marketing arise.

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Elite Handball Becomes a 360° Experience

The VELUX EHF FINAL 4 is the highlight of the handball season and gave us the opportunity to create a never-before-seen 360° experience with KINEXON. This should also be creating more informative and entertaining value for the fans. Their understanding of the game and engagement in it should benefit. 

Players and match balls (SELECT iBall) are outfitted with KINEXON and games are tracked seamlessly. Viewers experience the game via editorially selected data in the VELUX EHF FINAL 4 App, on the LANXESS Arena video cube, in social media channels and on TV.

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With fewer injuries among Germany's Top 3

Since 2016, the Augsburg Panthers (on their way to Germany’s Ice Hockey Top 3) have been relying on data-supported training monitoring and workload management from KINEXON. Data based training management should give a competitive advantage and protect players from overtraining and injury risks.

For all games and practices, KINEXON delivers player movement and performance data to the coach and medical team. It is an important contribution to achieving the best league placement and a reduced injury rate.

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Live Broadcast With "Next Level Infotainment"

Red Bull is relying on Live-Infotainment with KINEXON to enable TV viewers to experience the extraordinary and breakneck performances at events like RB X‑Fighters, RB Straight Rhythm, and UCI Downhill. In this way, predominantly new and young viewers should become excited for action sports. 

To achieve this, athletes were equipped with KINEXON sensors on their helmets. In this way, information like jump height, speed, or rotations were able to be superimposed live on the screen for viewers. They portray something that is barely recognizable to the eye.

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