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Sensors that are worn by players or integrated within a ball or puck generate centimeter-accurate position and performance data. A powerful software engine creates insights that matter. It analyses performance, tactics and ball data in real-time. Insights can be accessed live via mobile application. An interface provides the option to transmit data to broadcast services or other content marketer systems.

Generates Unique Data: Highly Accurate and in Real Time

Our sensor network is the key to game-changing data: It captures the position, motion and status of athletes. A real-time architecture ensures an ultra-low latency of data and analytics. Sports technology by KINEXON operates seamlessly, i.e. both outdoor and in challenging indoor environments and does not interfere with Wi-Fi and other systems.

Transforms Big Data Into Smart Insights

The KINEXON software provides data and insights at your fingertips. It processes data in real-time and provides coaches with intelligent insights with significant added value.

Connect Third-Party Solutions via Open Interfaces

Through the open architecture and interfaces, third-party data can be easily included in the analytics. Every information is displayed in an intuitive and easy-to-use application that works on any device.

Customizable to Individual Needs

For maximum comfort, the way the information is presented can be customized to individual needs and requirements.

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KINEXON technology against COVID-19

With KIN­EXON Safe­Zo­ne we’­ve also deve­lo­ped the worl­d’s most advan­ced digi­tal solu­ti­on for con­ta­ct warning and con­ta­ct tra­cing. See here how it hel­ped restart U.S. sports leagues!


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Sports Technology

Player Tracking

Experience the next-generation of real-time player tracking — superior to GPS

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Sports Technology

Athlete Performance

Increase performance and reduce injuries with real-time athlete-monitoring

Sports Technology

Tactical Analysis

Actionable live insights to improve offensive and defensive team behavior

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Sports Technology

Live Ball Tracking

KINEXON is the only tracking provider to offer sensor technology that is integrated into official football & handball match balls, providing centimeter-accurate live data in real-time.

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Sports Technology

Fan Engagement

Real-time tracking data create completely new, exciting fan experiences

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Associations that use KINEXON sports technology.

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