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September 28th & 29th 

Leaders Week, London 

October 20th

Spielmacher Conference, Cologne 


As FIFA Preferred Provider Live Player & Ball Tracking KINEXON holds an exclusive position in football.

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Understanding women-specific requirements in professional sports

Understanding Women-Specific Requirements in Sports

Speaker: Amina Ndao, Vanny Miale & Adam Forrest 

Amina Ndao (Sky Presenter), brought together the opinions of sports & technology experts and active female athletes.

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Impact of ball data and ball tracking on tactical, technical and physical performance evaluation

Evaluation of Physical, Tactical & Technical Performance

Speaker: René Prüßner (Head of Sports Science Consulting)

Insights: How ball tracking can expand evaluation across physical, tactical and technical aspects of performances 

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KINEXON Ball Tracking Webinar Data With Context

From Subjective Impressions to Objective Measures

Speaker: René Prüßner (Head of Sports Science Consulting)

Insights: Learn how ball tracking can elevate analytics to a new level! 

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Kinexon football tracking systems explained

Intro: Football Tracking Systems Briefly Explained

Speaker: Paul Niehaus (Sports Science Consultant)

General overview: Learn more about our innovative tracking products in this webinar!

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Bayer04leverkusen balltracking webinar

Bayer 04: How to Improve Passing With Ball Data

Speaker: Marcel Daum (Chief Analyst) & René Prüßner (Sports Scientist) 

Take a look at how Leverkusen used ball-tracking to improve its teamplay (season 2019 — 20)!

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When it comes to live tracking and analysis in first-class Basketball, KINEXON is the market leader.

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Kinexon basketball tracking systems explained

Basketball Tracking Systems Explained

Speaker: René Prüßner (Head of Sports Science Consulting)

General overview: In this video, you will learn about our solutions that international top teams rely on: at home and on the road”.

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Kinexon basketball college webinar

KINEXON x College Basketball

Speaker: Matthew Johnson (S&C Coach) & Philipp Lienemann (Sports Science)

Get insights into how KINEXON systems are being utalized by top college teams and how to get the most out of the system’s insights.

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With live data from KINEXON, the world’s best handball competitions are currently experiencing a revolution.

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Kinexon handball tracking systems explained

Intro: Handball Tracking Systems Briefly Explained

Speaker: Michael Elmer (Sports Science Consultant)

General overview: get an overview of the world’s leading live tracking solutions for coaches, athletic coaches and entire leagues!

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