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IV. FSI Conference
13. – 14. Oktober, Sevilla (Real Betis Stadium)



As FIFA’s Preferred Provider of Live Player & Ball Tracking, KINEXON is recognized as a leader in football analytics.

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This is the cover for the Webinar explaining the Sports PERFORM GPS Pro solution.


Speaker: Max Marbeiter (Moderator), René Prüßner (Head of Product Strategy & Sport Science), Paul Niehaus (Sport Scientist)

We’re taking sports technology to a whole new level. Find out why people are describing our newest athlete tracker, PERFORM GPS Pro, as cutting edge” and state-of-the-art” during this live demonstration. 

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How Football Analytics Boost Success

Speaker: Martin Krüger, (Athletic Coach at 1. FC Union Berlin), René Prüßner (Head of Sports Science Consulting)

Using sports data analytics to improve your team is more important than ever before. Learn how the information player tracking provides can lay the groundwork for effective performance training and load management.

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KINEXON Ball Tracking Webinar Data With Context

Ball Tracking Data Explained

Speaker: René Prüßner (Head of Sports Science Consulting)

Coaches can benefit from ball tracking in many ways. But it’s also creating an entirely new experience for football (soccer) fans. Sports analytics helps your referees make the right call and improves engagement for those who are watching every game. Find out how.

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Impact of ball data and ball tracking on tactical, technical and physical performance evaluation

Ball Tracking and Player Performance

Speaker: René Prüßner (Head of Sports Science Consulting)

Ball tracking can help officials call the game correctly and keep fans engaged, but it also helps coaches, too. This webinar explains ways coaches can expand their evaluation of players and get tactical and technical information that can be used to develop game plans and strategies.

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Kinexon football tracking systems explained

Understanding Football Tracking Systems

Speaker: Paul Niehaus (Sports Science Consultant)

If you’re tracking football players, you have more than one option to get the job done. GPS and LPS systems are changing the game. Learn more about our innovative live ball and player tracking products in this webinar, and find out how your team can benefit.

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When it comes to live tracking and basketball analytics, KINEXON leads the way in the NBA, NCAA, and Europe.

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Introducing this game-changing camera tracking solution that revolutionizes game analysis by automatically capturing shot stats and performance for individuals and teams, no wearables required!

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Load Management-NBA teams started tracking it in 2010 and now every team is doing it, including NCAA men's and women's teams.

Basketball Analytics For Load Management

Speaker: Tommy Otley (University of Miami Basketball), Philipp Hartmannsgruber (FCBB Youth Academy & TU Munich) & Philipp Lienemann (KINEXON)

This webinar explains how basketball analytics are used to optimize load management.

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College Basketball Webinar Video with Text

Sports Tech: College Basketball Round Table

Speaker: Matt Aldred, Steve Englehart, Shannon Jackson, Caleb Krueger

How are college teams using sports technology? KINEXON Sports Physiologist Chris White moderates this discussion between some of the best college strength coaches in the game.

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Kinexon basketball tracking systems explained

Basketball Tracking Systems Explained

Speaker: René Prüßner (Head of Sports Science Consulting)

General overview: In this video, find out how our basketball trackers work and why 80% of the NBA and the top international teams rely on the sports analytics they provide— at home and on the road.

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This is a thumbnail for the Video on how performance and tracking systems are utilized in college basketball.

How NCAA Basketball Coaches Use Analytics

Speaker: Matthew Johnson (S&C Coach) & Philipp Lienemann (Sports Science)

Find out how KINEXON systems are being used by some of the top NCAA college basketball teams, and how coaches can get the most out of the sports analytics and the insights they’re providing.

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KINEXON’s live data is revolutionizing the world’s top team handball competitions.

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Load Management in Team Handball

Speakers: Simon Köpfer (Moderator), Maaike Willemsen (Dutch Handball Federation), Florian Schulz (Rhein-Neckar Löwen), Jan Pfisterer (KINEXON) and Michael Elmer (KINEXON)

Player tracking and the sports data analytics it provides are a must for load management in team handball. This webinar explains how coaches can get started.

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Live Data for Revenue and Fan Engagement

Speaker: Simon Koepfer (Moderator), Frank Leibmann (HBL), Oliver Roggisch (Rhein-Neckar Löwen) and Christian Guenther (KINEXON)

What are some creative approaches to leveraging live data to increase revenue and fan engagement? In this webinar, you can find out what’s already being done to turn data into dollars.

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Kinexon handball tracking systems explained

Player Tracking For Team Handball

Speaker: Michael Elmer (Sports Science Consultant)

Team handball is a grueling sport. It’s hard on every player because of the intensity of the matches and the tightly-packed schedule. That’s why load management is a must. Get an overview of the world’s leading live tracking solutions for team handball coaches, players, athletic trainers and entire leagues!

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Sports Technology For Every Game

KINEXON provides athlete trackers for all men’s and women’s sports, including volleyball, ice hockey, and lacrosse.

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Using Sports Analytics in Volleyball

Speaker: Tyler Friedrich (Stanford University), Jake Garrity (Arizona State University), Vanny Miale (Vakifbank Spor Kulübü), Chris White (KINEXON)

Volleyball player tracking doesn’t have to be complex. We’re simplifying the process of monitoring and analyzing the movements and actions of your players during a match or practice session. You can analyze everything from jumps and sprints to positions on the court. This webinar will show you how.

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KINEXON live player and ball tracking and fan engagement

Insider Series: Emerging Tech, Data and Media

Speakers among others: Nicolas Evans (FIFA), JJ Rowland (EHF) & Maximilian Schmidt (KINEXON)

Player and ball tracking not only benefits coaches, trainers, and referees. Find out how athletic directors and team owners are taking sports data and finding ways to monetize the information to improve their bottom lines. Additionally, by leveraging this wealth of data, they can enhance fan engagement and explore new sponsorship opportunities.

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Understanding women-specific requirements in professional sports

Player Tracking for Women Athletes

Speaker: Amina Ndao (Moderator), Vanny Miale (Vakıf­Bank Spor Kul­übü) & Adam Forrest (KINEXON)

Many of the sports performance training studies of the past focused only on men. But player tracking now comes with information that is specific to women, including menstrual cycle-oriented workouts. Discover different opinions from sports and technology experts, and active women athletes what is being done to change the future of women’s sports.

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