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Intelligently Navigate and Monitor Your AGVs in a Fully Automated Manner

No matter the manufacturer or vehicle model, KINEXON’s AGV control system will turn your automated guided vehicles (AGV) into an intelligent and perfectly coordinated swarm. The control system ensures that your automated intralogistic vehicles can be intuitively and universally controlled, thereby perfectly linking the fleet and the shop floor. With just a single product, KINEXON makes it easier than ever to create orders and routes and to manage your fleet.

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The KINEXON AGV Control System Gives Your AGV Fleet a Significant Competitive Advantage

Map your production process in the KINEXON RIoT platform and integrate each individual automated guided vehicle (AGV) on your shop floor using the KINEXON AGV Control System and KINEXON Brain. The control system efficiently plans routes based on data and enables AGVs to be controlled in a highly productive manner by calculating imminent bottlenecks

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Flexible Coordination of Material Flows

The KINEXON AGV Control System monitors and manages a complete fleet of AGVs. It manages all vehicles via a central platform, allows routes to be easily created and changed and establishes total transparency and flexibility regarding your material flow and AGV control structure

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Increase Productivity and Avoid Disruptions

The KINEXON AGV control system maximizes the productivity of all your driverless transport systems. It monitors the battery level of every vehicle and automatically sends this information to the charging points. In the event of blocked routes, it also selects alternative routes and replaces non-operative vehicles with the next functioning one

KINEXON relies on standards

KINEXON Sets Its Store on Industry Standards

To enable maximum flexibility in the choice of vehicle type, KINEXON works with universal interfaces between the AGV control system and vehicles. As part of this, KINEXON utilizes state-of-the-art interfaces (e.g. MQTT) and log descriptions (VDA50.50 / German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association). This creates maximum compatibility with various vehicle manufacturers and all common protocol languages

Modern and intuitive software user interface

Modern and Intuitive Software User Interface

The KINEXON AGV control system was developed together with end users in order to achieve a high degree of user friendliness and user acceptance. As a result, the control system for an entire AGV fleet can be created, edited and monitored in just a few clicks. Onboarding into the system is also short and simple.

Innovative technology based on the latest service architecture

Innovative Technology Based on the Latest Service Architecture

The use of state-of-the-art web technology enables it to be easily run in larger data centers or an existing cloud infrastructure. This creates the basis for fast system setup, high scalability and maximum security.

These Functions Will Turn Your AGV Into a World-Class Orchestra

See three of the big advantages of the KINEXON AGV guidance control system.

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