KINEXON Brain Is the Operating System for Precise and Networked Navigation of Intralogistics Vehicles

With KINEXON Brain, KINEXON offers an innovative control and operating system that meets the steadily increasing demand for flexibility, stability, and networking in the control of autonomous transport vehicles. It can be flexibly integrated into the AGVs of different manufacturers, but also into individually developed vehicle solutions. When choosing your infrastructure, you should always stay independent and ensure increased investment protection.

The Challenges of Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

At present, most AGVs require predefined lane guidance for navigation on the shop floor. However, this solution is far away from the requirements of modern production plants. Because it requires flexible responsiveness to constantly changing environments as well as interaction with other vehicles, objects, and employees. In order to best exploit the potential of flexible production in the future, a revolution is needed, from automatically guided to intelligent and autonomous transport vehicles.

A Quantum Leap in AGV Navigation and Networking

Even today, intralogistics vehicles can drive autonomously, smartly, and networked.

Free and Stable Navigation

KINEXON Brain is designed to provide maximum positioning stability in all industrial indoor environments. The combination of precise UWB technology and sophisticated SLAM algorithms allows KINEXON Brain to identify the best possible sensor information for localization in any situation. As a result, there is no need for static lane guidance. There are also no restrictions on lighting conditions, dust pollution, or soil conditions.

Autonomously Controlled Load Pickup and Reduction

KINEXON Brain supports the pickup and storage of a wide variety of load carriers. Using precise position data, AGVs can locate load carriers and pick them up independently by driving under or attaching them. All operations are controlled fully autonomously by KINEXON Brain, eliminating the need for further manual intervention at the handling points.

Smooth Interaction

The Time-Elastic-Band (TEB)” approach allows your AGVs to react spontaneously to changes in the environment on their way from point A to point B. The new local route optimization based on this prevents longer downtimes. Other road users such as human-controlled corridor vehicles equipped with the KINEXON Vehicle Tag are detected early, and evasive measures are taken.

Your Transport Vehicles Become "Smart" by Integrating KINEXON Brain Into the Vehicle Control System of Your AGVs

The integration of KINEXON Brain opens up new possibilities for you to control your DTS vehicle fleet, regardless of the vehicle supplier.

KINEXON Brain can be integrated into existing non-free driving DTSs as well as into your individual designs. Motors and sensors installed in the vehicle can be connected to KINEXON Brain. These can be simply combined with positioning sensors such as the KINEXON Vehicle Tag. The vehicle can thus navigate freely on your shop floor independently of the hardware manufacturer or vehicle type. 

The KINEXON Brain integrates the vehicle-specific data from the hardware so that each of the equipped vehicles can be controlled with the same commands from only one DTS control system or intelligent fleet manager.

Increase the Added Value of Your AGV Fleet With KINEXON Brain

  • Localization & Navigation:
    Locate driverless transport vehicles (DTS) and dynamically guide them through different industrial environments.
  • Linking & Stability:
    Rely on maximum stability in DTS localization thanks to the combination of optical sensor methods (SLAM) and the KINEXON localization technology.
  • Flexibility & Modularity:
    KINEXON Brain is based on different modules consisting of navigation, communication, and specific kinematic model.”
  • Communication & Interaction:
    The connection with KINEXON RTLS and KINEXON OS ensures smooth communication and interaction between vehicles and objects.
  • Networking & Interoperability:
    Connect numerous vehicle components! Standardized (VDA/VDMA) control interfaces are supported.


AGV Software Brain

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KINEXON Brain in Use by Customers

We ensure that AGV drive autonomously and intelligently.

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