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How to Use Data to Push Athlete Performance to New Levels

Our solution for athlete monitoring aggregates, analyses and visualizes all individual and team performance data. It offers a variety of possibilities to get profound and unprecedented insights into the health and performance of teams and individual athletes. Our mission: Better athlete performance, less injuries, more sustainable return to plays.

Intelligent Performance Management for Training and Matches

For coaches to immediately draw conclusions and react, our solution offers detailed athlete performance monitoring in real-time, including:
  • Precise real-time player tracking (indoor and outdoor) and analysis of players’ activities 
  • Individual optimization of each athlete’s performance
  • Injury prevention by detecting overloads
  • Analysis of data across all trainings and games without a gap
  • Optimized preparation for games by comparison of game and practice data
  • Real-time collection ex-post import of heart rate data enables an all-encompassing player load analysis

Performance & Load Management

Intuitive documentation of athlete performance, training and game data in real-time.

  • Intelligent training management by monitoring target achievement for individual or combinded athlete performances in training sessions 
  • Individual milestones for player-specific performance analyses 
  • Position-specific player tracking for peer comparisons
  • Integration of heart rate analyses for in-depth athlete monitoring

Injury Prevention

Analysis of individual load and stress leads to a more intelligent way of training management and athlete performance.

  • Digital consolidation of load (external) and stress (internal) data 
  • Individualization of player profiles by measuring and analyzing individual thresholds
  • Holistic stress analysis of individual players over continuous time cycles

Return to Play

Risk minimization of consecutive injuries by matching individual movement profiles.

  • Conducting and evaluating regular athlete performance analyses
  • Analyzing and monitoring of performance development of injured players
  • Comparison of current with healthy athlete performance levels 
  • Overviews of individual, short- and long-term athlete performance development 
  • Integration of player data: Input of anthropometric data and individual performance values
  • Training catalog: Classification of exercises in drill books & comparability of individual exercises over longer periods
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