Entertainment Technology


KINEXON ENTERTAIN Enhances Stage Technology: Precise, Real-Time, and Fully Automated

Real-time localization of artists and objects via ultra wideband (UWB) provides unprecedented possibilities for controlling and coordinating effects on stage. Fast and easy setup in every surrounding, secure connection and open interfaces make KINEXON ENTERTAIN a multifunctional tool for event technicians.

Inconspicuous and Impressive at the Same Time

UWB sensors from KINEXON are smaller and lighter than a matchbox and can be discreetly attached to people, technical equipment and other stage objects. Your advantage: UWB sensors transmit position data safely and in real time under all stage and weather conditions — indoor as well as outdoor!

See some examples for the innumerable application options here.

Technical Specs

Technological Base for Positioning
Trilateration with two-way ranging and TDOA (x|y|z). Orientation within the room (roll|pitch).

Sample Rate
Standard update rate for position data: 20 Hz. Depending on the use case 0,001300 Hz possible

REST API or ZeroMQ, Code available in Java C++, C# or Python.

Frequencies used
Channels 3 + 5 (not affected by 5G mobile networks or Spider Cams), 4,254,75 GHz; 6,757,25 GHz.

Fixed installation with PoE < 20 ms, Running on WiFi < 100 ms.



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Real-time Data

Radio-based Real Time Location System (RTLS) using ultra-wideband radio frequency. Radio, documentation and code snippets will be provided to customers and partners in real time.

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Open Interfaces

With less than one hour development, it is possible to integrate the system with Java C++, Java or C# through the ZeroMQ interface. Position data will be exported with an explicit identificator.

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High Data-Quality

The position of all sensors is provided in an individualized coordinate system with x, y and z position. Further parameters include acceleration, deceleration, time remaining and charge of battery in percent (via IMU among others).