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You Want to Trust in Your Analytics? Start With the Most Reliable and Precise Data

KINEXON provides unrivaled player tracking and delivers athlete monitoring data in real-time. Enjoy a new dimension of precision with centimeter accurate 3D-position data — both indoor and outdoor. Benefit from motion data and detect accelerations, decelerations and changes of direction. Integrate add-on data such as heart-rate which is transmitted on the fly. And the journey goes on: Our sensors are also integrated into the ball.

Facts & Figures

Athlete Monitoring Data Elevates Your Insights to the Next Level

When it comes to professional athleticism, it’s the details that make the difference and decide over victory or loss. Details that can barely be detected by the human eye. Our precise player tracking system makes them visible — in real-time.

2019 NBA Finals - Game Three


Is a recently injured player really back to full capacity? Comparing physical metrics such as jumps to individual top performance measurements gives you the answer.

FC Schalke 04 v Eintracht Frankfurt - Bundesliga


Who will be able to keep up with the top sprinter of your upcoming opponent? Have look at the latest sprint data of your team! Find out who is the fastest sprinting athlete, who is able to sprint the most and a lot more!

Pittsburgh Penguins v Columbus Blue Jackets - Game Four


Professional team players have to withstand a force of up to 10G when colliding with opponents. But which players need to endure the most? Player tracking allows to protect athletes with specific training or rest breaks.

Paris Saint-Germain Handball vs HC Vardar - VELUX EHF FINAL4 Final

Metabolic Power

Load and stress vary from position to position. Some players have to cover longer distances, others have to sprint or jump a lot. So how do you know who performs most intensely? Data about metabolic power does!

Plus Breaker

... And There Are Countless Other Questions That Can Be Answered With Metrics Such As:

Changes of direction
High metabolic power distance
Max. speed
Max. acceleration
Max. deceleration

| Features

KINEXON anchor in a gymnasium

Sensor Network

Unique RF technology guarantees centimeter-accurate position tracking

No interferences with WiFi due to variable, standardized frequency channel

Plug & Play:
Wire-free infrastructure for easy in-& outdoor setup, simple, scalable and cost-efficient

Seamless integration of additional data and compatibility with third party systems

Ultra Low Latency:
Real-time statistics provide instant insights and media content

KINEXON Sensor placed between the shoulders of a soccer player

Player Tracking

3D position tracking (x | y | z) with update rate up to 60 Hz

9 axis inertial data (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer) for detection of ac-/deceleration, rotation and orientation angles (roll, pitch, yaw)

Bluetooth low energy interface to connect and transmit data from any add-on sensors (e.g. heart rate belt, sweat sensor)

Lightweight (only 14g) and small

Fits between shoulder blades or on shorts

Up to 4 hours runtime, charged in 1 hour

191015 Sports KINEXON System Courts Basketball App

Cutting-Edge Radio Technology Based on Ultra Wideband

When it comes to data quality and precision, we do not accept compromises. That is why KINEXON engineers have developed the leading player tracking system based on ultra wideband. Our technological competence comprises the whole stack, from hardware engineering over sensor network architecture to positioning algorithms and analytics. 

Our strive for innovation is relentless. An example for recent pioneering achievements? Ball tracking! KINEXON was the first company worldwide to integrate a localization and motion sensor into a ball and stream the ball and match data during an official soccer match live on TV. Just one of many examples why we are considered the pioneer in the field of indoor and outdoor sports tracking.

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KINEXON technology against COVID-19

With KIN­EXON Safe­Zo­ne we’­ve also deve­lo­ped the worl­d’s most advan­ced digi­tal solu­ti­on for con­ta­ct warning and con­ta­ct tra­cing. See here how it hel­ped restart U.S. sports leagues!


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Photo collage using Ice Hockey Red Bull and the KINEXON Software Dashboard as examples

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