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Our media solution KINEXON ENGAGE can be used in any environment, indoor or outdoor. It works for a variety of sports like football, american football, basketball, hockey, handball, volleyball and many others. It provides fascinating insights and reliable data that can be used to raise fan engagement through different channels and support coaches and players taking part at the event.


The power tool for more fan engagement.

With KINEXON ENGAGE format owners get the opportunity to interact in a successful and innovative way with their fans. The ENGAGE solution consists of selected components and services, including planning, rollout maintenance and customizing. In the end the customer benefits from receiving the full expertise from one hand.

Components of Our Media System EXPERIENCE

Depending on the requirements of the respective sport and the kind of intended fan engagement, we provide our customers with all relevant system components. These include, for example:

System Rollout and Maintenance

KINEXON has a long-term experience when it comes to sports and media events. Our specialized teams guarantee maximum customer success and services as:
  • Providing physical and network Infrastructure
  • Providing interfaces to third party systems
  • Onboarding
  • Updates sensor network & application
  • 1st Level Support
  • 2nd/​3rd Level Support

Additional Services

The possibilities to bring fan engagement to the next level are infinite. Benefit from our offer to customize and individualize the way we can help you!

  • Consulting & analysis by Expert Data Journalists
  • Customizing Hardware, Sensor Network & Application

Latest Partnerships

KINEXON collaborates with some of the most innovative content experts

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KINEXON real-time data enables digital enhancement and automated camera control.

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With KINEXON real-time data performance content for social media is generated automatically.

Innovative storytelling thanks to content generation and broadcasting enhancement with real-time data.

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