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The digital reproduction and analysis of all movements on the field allows you to get profound insights into tactical patterns and behaviours. Optimize your offensive and defensive play with digital tactical analysis in real-time! You will not only improve your decisions but also present tactical analysis and situations in a fast and understandable way to your athletes and staff members. 

Facts & Figures

Sport analysis software from KINEXON in use on the soccer field.

The Tactics Board

The tactics board is the digital hub where all tactical game and match data is aggregated, analyzed and visualized. 

Everythings happens in real-time, giving you the opportunity to act and react instantaneously during the game or training session. The board offers tactical analysis, live monitoring, video synchronization and an interactive overview — all in one app and for a broad range of team sports such as soccer, basketball, football, handball and many others.

Interactive Tactics Overview

Precise position data enable tactical live monitoring and analyses in training and match.

  • Live visualized tactical field analysis provides immediate feedback on the implementation of tactical requirements
  • Precise position tracking allows the analysis of horizontal and vertical player distances and formations
  • Moving players and their position to visualize coaching suggestions
KINEXON Dashboard Tactics Video Defense Line

Automated Detection of Tactical Events

The KINEXON tactics board allows you to automatically detect game patterns and tactical behaviors.

  • Game situations like ball possession recovered or lost are automatically detected and quantified
  • Implementation of newly and specially developed tactical key performance indicators like counter pressing index
  • Real-time tactical insights (with data availability within 50 milliseconds) and post-game tactical analysis
KINEXON Dashboard Tactics Video Group

Video Synchronization

Combine our position data and event tags with video content to enrich the context of your training or game analytics.

  • Combination of live view video and clear tactical live monitoring in one screen
  • Display allows easier analyses and an intuitive presentation for tactical education”
  • Import of existing tags from providers like Dartfish and Sportscode
  • Export KINEXON tags to other systems to support your personal gaming analysis process
KINEXON Dashboard Tactics Video Integration
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Engine for Real-Time Event Detection

Together with leagues, federations, and experts, KINEXON has built up a powerful library of tactical events and patterns over the years. The KINEXON real-time event engine analyzes all incoming data and identifies these predefined patterns and events. Once identified, the event is stored as a tag, i.e. digital marker with timestamp, that can be used to directly jump to the corresponding scene, for example in a synchronized video.

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Clubs That Work With KINEXON

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