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KINEXON is the first, and so far, only sports performance monitoring and analysis provider on the market that covers the complete range of performance data in team sports. 

Years ago we asked ourselves in sports why we need slow motion cameras. We are convinced that data acquisition in real time, as we are doing it, will also become a new standard!

Frank Bohmann (Managing Director of the Handball-Bundesliga GmbH)
Players enter football on field

With KINEXON, users receive data from athletes, match balls and entire teams in real time, centimeter-precise and processed with artificial intelligence to valuable metrics and insights. Clubs, leagues, sponsors, media and fans get immediate access to previously inaccessible information.

12 Facts That Make KINEXON Unique

Our sport tracking and analysis product KINEXON PERFORM is one of the most advanced and stable systems on the market. This is made possible by our exclusive UWB sensor technology, which offers a number of advantages:

Performance Analysis Systems with KINEXON

1 | Real-Time

Unlike other performance analysis systems (such as GPS), KINEXON provides all data in real time.

UWB sensor technology from KINEXON

2 | UWB T­ech­no­lo­gy

Our tracking technology is centimeter-accurate and the most precise on the market.

3D tracking with KINEXON using volleyball as an example

3 | 3D Tracking

KINEXON tracks movement not only horizontally but also vertically (x‑, y- and z‑axis).

two basketball players a game

4 | Market Leader

Numerous clients across top leagues in the U.S. and Europe, including more than a 70% market share in the NBA

KINEXON develops hardware and software products inhouse

5 | Full Stack

All hardware and software products are developed in-house by KINEXON.

Clear, sport-specific, dynamic tactics board merge tactics planning and implementation

6 | Tactical Analysis

Tactics, planning and analysis are merged into one clear sport-specific board. 

Ball-Tracking with KINEXON

7 | Ball Tracking

KINEXON is the first supplier of balls with an integrated sensor for live tracking.

Sport Expertise with KINEXON

8 | Sports Expertise

KINEXON’s team of sports scientists and experienced sports experts provide comprehensive advice on the practical use of sports data.

Artificial intelligence with KINEXON

9 | Artificial Intelligence

Exclusively developed smart algorithms and AI process data in real time and offer actionable coaching insights.

KINEXON PERFORM offers Plug & Play interfaces

10 | Open Interfaces

KINEXON can be integrated into any existing IT environment via plug and play.

Sports Customizing with KINEXON

11 | Customizing

Trainers choose freely from more than 180 metrics and configure their dashboards individually.

Guarantee of success with KINEXON

12 | Success Guarantee

Our team of sports and product experts guarantee that KINEXON delivers what it promises: performance at a new level.

One Solution, Tailored to Sport-Specific Needs



This is the next level: Revolutionize your coverage with exclusive live data from KINEXON!

KINEXON Experience Handball


Intelligent tactical and performance-based analytics for real-time usage in football

FC Bayern Muenchen v VfB Stuttgart - Bundesliga

Basketball PERFORM

Smart real-time basketball analysis by the NBA’s market leader

Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers dribbles the ball against the Indiana Pacers

Handball PERFORM

Smart performance monitoring and tactical analysis for handball coaches



Hockey performance monitoring — digital and in real time

Anaheim Ducks gegen Pittsburgh Penguins

American Football PERFORM

Smart real-time football analysis by KINEXON

KINEXON Sports Football Training
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