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The Most Accurate and Efficient Physical Distancing Solution on the Market

Companies around the world are looking for ways to resume business operations in a safe and secure manner. Adhering to employee physical distancing guidelines plays a key role. To make this possible, KINEXON is launching an innovative solution: KINEXON SafeZone. The core element is a wearable sensor that actively warns the user as soon as the minimum physical distance to another person is compromised. With optional software, companies can also trace chains of infection and take strategic action. KINEXON SafeZone is immediately available as a plug-and-play solution with no infrastructure required.

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Digital Technology Designed to Protect Employees and Maintain Stable Production ​

To maintain business operations amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, two steps are essential: Employee protection and process reliability.

KINEXON SafeZone supports both with precise and award-winning digital technology
for data-compliant contact warning and tracing.

More reliable and precise than possible with contact tracing apps!

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1 | Always Keep a Safe Distance

In order to return to a new normal” and stop the spread of COVID-19, the top priority according to governments and health experts, is physical distancing. Preventing critical contacts means:

  • Maintain at least 6 feet of distance
  • Avoid extensive and accidental contact
  • Keep high-frequency areas organized

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2 | Safeguard Operations

Despite even the best efforts to avoid contact, no distancing guidelines can provide 100% protection. Therefore, it is important to secure production during a worst case scenario — and to do so quickly and strategically:

  • Localize cases of infection
  • Follow contact chains
  • Evaluate contact intensities
  • Take precautions

The Heart of Our Solution: KINEXON SafeTag

The KINEXON SafeTag, a UWB sensor weighing around 0.5 oz, is all you need to get started. The wearable can be comfortably worn as a wristband or attached to clothing.

Each sensor is registered in the system with a unique ID, but is not assigned to a specific person. This ensures that no personal data is recorded and data protection guidelines are observed.

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Choose From These Versions!

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Basic Version for Real-Time Contact Warning

  • Sensors measure the distance between each other at a rate of one time per second – with the highest precision (< 4 inches) and in real-time.
  • Visual and audible warning signals are emitted from the sensor if the distance falls below the minimum safety distance for a certain period of time (freely configurable).
  • No further infrastructure is needed — only the active sensor on the employee.

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Extended Version for Contact Tracing

  • The software records relevant data on critical contact events (sensor ID, time, duration and distance).
  • In the case of a positive infection, further potential cases of infection can be quickly identified.
  • The solution detects realistic cases of infection with high precision and minimizes the number of employees to be isolated.

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Proven and Effective Technology

As one of the leading providers of intelligent real-time technology, KINEXON has a proven track-record of successful implementation and security. With KINEXON SafeZone, we have built upon our trusted technology:

  • Maximum data protection, no personal data is collected/​required
  • 100% reliable warning and contact tracing thanks to the most precise measurement technology currently available
  • Scalability on an industrial scale
  • Renowned references (Continental, ASM, professional Basketball and Football leagues and others)

How KINEXON SafeZone Works:

Premium Quality and Flexibility

KINEXON offers a solution for contact warning and contact tracing (also: exposure management”) that sets standards for today’s safe working environment:

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One day setup with no infrastructure required

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Highly scalable

Designed for flexible use on a large scale

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Strong data protection

No personal devices required or storage of personal data

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Highest precision

The most precise distance monitoring system 

Value for Employees, Employee Representatives and Companies​

With KINEXON SafeZone you benefit immediately:

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Minimization of the risk of infection 

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Strategic tracing process in the case of an infection 

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Prevention of shutdowns 

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Fulfillment of corporate duty of care 

KINEXON sensor technology can easily be scaled for numerous other Industrial IoT applications like work safety, smart process optimization, a safe execution of events and match days and many more.

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More Cost-Efficient Than You Might Think

As a result of KINEXON SafeZone not needing any existing infrastructure, we can offer high-efficient contact warning and contact tracing at a competitive price that helps companies to reduce financial damage as this calculation shows.

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