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Boost automation of transport orders to streamline logistics of all kinds: from human-driven tugger trains to autonomous driverless vehicles

Designed to Streamline and Enhance Real-Time Fleet Management Operations

KINEXON's AGV & AMR Fleet Management solution offers a control tower for the effective, real-time coordination of AMR fleet operations with single or multiple vehicle types on the shop floor. It works vendor-independently and supports industry standards, such as the VDA5050.

Increased efficiency

Replacement of manually operated forklifts and material transports


Improved flexibility

Low integrations effort due to VDA 5050 compliance


Enhanced process quality

Minimizing failure in transports

"With more than 100,000 orders per year, the AMR fleet has
been highly reliable with the installed system among the  things enabled by the inherent zoning capabilities provided by KINEXON."

Jörg Rosenland
Head of Supply Chain Management at Continental AG
Explore how KINEXON's AGV & AMR Fleet Management ensured the automation of intralogistics, overseeing the successful execution of 350,000 orders.
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A transport robot in a warehouse, managed by the Kinexon Fleet Manager.

Digitize Your Shopfloor Logistics to Efficiently Process Materials, Tools and Semi-finished Products

With millions of assets used in manufacturing environments around the world, inefficient assets management wastes time and money. KINEXON's solution Asset Tracking uses precise RTLS data on asset location and status on the shop floor to improve overall transparency and utilization.


Inventory Management

Eliminate non-value-adding searching times and increase asset visibility to save operational costs.


Process Flow Management

Control and optimize the work-in-process status of any assets involved in production processes.

"Within a matter of days, we had a fully functional system in place, and it's been a game-changer for our operations."

Matthias Heyder
Head of Industrialization at Thales
Unlocking the full potential of your inventory of movable assets with a cost-efficient solution to achieve a fast ROI with KINEXON Asset Tracking.
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Review Your Challenges in Transportation and Warehousing With Our Intralogistics Experts

No two production shopfloors are alike - close collaborations with a variety of manufacturers from heavy machineries to small components manifest our industry expertise.
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The advent of driverless transport systems opens the door to a fundamental reimagining of logistics. Automation, once confined to production processes, is now extending its reach to transportation orders, with AGVs and AMRs leading the way. In collaboration with OEMs and tier 1 suppliers, KINEXON has developed its Fleet Management solution to ensure optimal efficiency in fleet utilization.

Ajatshatru Kotwal
Ajatshatru Kotwal
CPO at KINEXON Industries
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