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Order Tracking & Process Management

Optimize Operational Efficiency with Order Tracking & Process Management, Ensuring Real-Time Visibility and Traceability of Production Orders and Processes

Transform Operations and Reduce Costs with Order Tracking & Process Management

Get real-time order visibility and transparency: track production orders in real time by creating a digital twin of your facility.

Accurate insights into physical production flows enable effective quality control and automated material replenishment.


Order Tracking

Automate processes by eliminating manual bookings and scans to save time and costs.


Quality Control

Increase production and process quality with real-time monitoring and timely alerts of errors and bottlenecks.


Material Replenishment

Avoid material shortages and process idle times by optimizing just-in-time delivery of material to the production lines.

Stay Ahead of the Competition


Automation of Manual Bookings

Automated bookings to third-party systems triggered by the physical movement of production orders.


Reduction in Production Stops

Automated material ordering and provisioning following just-in-time principles ensures production uptime.


of Paper

KINEXON RTLS ePaper Tag enables digitized and sustainable paperless production.

How Continental Fully Automates Its Material Flow

We have a clear vision: a fully automated supply chain from planning and production control through to physical flow of material, meaning incoming material to production supplies to production delivery.

Jürgen Braunstetter
Head of Automotive SCM Continental AG
Jürgen Braunstetter
Jürgen Braunstetter
Head of Automotive SCM Continental AG

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& Process Management

KINEXON Search&FindKINEXON Search&FindKINEXON Search&Find
The Kinexon RTLS ePaper Tag.
e-Paper Tag

Real-time Localization & Visibility

Real-time insights on order location and status are made available cross-platform - from workstation PCs to mobile devices. KINEXON Search&Find provides an easy-to-use interface to view all digitized shopfloor assets whereas the KINEXON RTLS ePaper Tag displays relevant information for shopfloor employees.

Save up to 20% of time for shopfloor employees
Reduce paper documentation by 95%
Enable sustainable operations with ePaper displays

Automated Production Order Movements

Track and trace every movement within the production environment to gain real-time insights into the location of production orders and materials. KINEXON OS provides open APIs for seamless integration with third-party systems, eliminating error-prone and time-consuming manual bookings and confirmations when orders enter and leave physical workstations.

Reduce manual order identification scans by 95%
Utilize standardized interfaces to SAP modules, as well as other leading MES (Manufacturing Execution System), and WMS (Warehouse Management System) systems.

Alerts and Real-time Material Supply

Keep production managers, as well as shopfloor employees, updated on crucial process steps, quality issues, and material requests. Critical business events triggered by the movements of physical production orders and materials alert responsible employees in real-time in case of custom process violations.

Reduce production stops by 60% through real-time visualization and notification of issues
Prevent idle times on the production line with 5% faster material supply
Reduce MRO time and scrap rates thorough fast localization of defect parts and materials

Process Analytics Based on Historic Data

Identify production bottlenecks and process inefficiencies with real-time data. Utilize our integrated process modelling features, combined with our process mining suite, to empower production managers in optimizing processes based on quantitative insights and powerful analytics.

Utilize a no-code/low-code process engine for easily adjustable custom process models
Achieve a 15% decrease in lead time by identifying inefficiencies in production sub-processes
Realize time and cost savings through tracing and analyzing sequence violations

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To leverage the full potential of Industry 4.0 for our production facilities, we needed an innovative and flexible solution that scales. KINEXON developed a customized solution that met all our needs.

Philipp Markus
Philipp Markus
Project Manager at ASMPT

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here You'll Find answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about KINEXON Order Tracking & Process Management

Which use case-specific KPIs can be improved?

Depending on the applied use case, KINEXON Order Tracking & Process Management can be configures to measure and optimize the most relevant production KPIs.

Based on our project experience, the reduction of lead time is key to Order Tracking use cases aiming for more productive manufacturing processes.

Application scenarios focusing on Quality Control achieve reduction of delayed orders same as scrap rates. Material Replenishment implementations reduce the number of production stops and the over-/underutilization of buffer zones in production and logistic areas.

Which technology is used to highly accurate location data?

KINEXON RTLS applies ultra-wideband (UWB) technology - the most accurate indoor tracking technology with an accuracy down to 30cm. It ensures robust and stable localization data which a mandatory for real-time automation of bookings and confirmations.

To which markets can this solution been applied?

The production-intense industries like automotive, aerospace, and discrete manufacturing are the main target industries for Order Tracking & Process Management, as production orders and processes are designed to produce high value products and have a high-volume production with high order frequency, indicating an increased need for visibility, transparency, and automation.

How to benefit from the partnership between SAP and KINEXON?

As an SAP Endorsed App, KINEXON OS is certified to provide standardized interfaces to automate bookings based on order location and status changes. Automating manual bookings error-probe repetitive tasks for documentation and validation of working steps are eliminated. As per KINEXON’s customers, companies have >3.000 bookings per day which results in approximately $300.000 per year in manual efforts for process handling that can be eliminated.