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Optimize Accuracy in Tracking Industrial Assets with KINEXON Mesh, the Most Cost-Effective and User-Friendly Location System

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Stay Ahead of the Competition

<1 Year

Fast Return of Investment

Get started with real-time industrial asset tracking with low setup costs and an easy setup of wireless, battery-powered hardware.

1 Wire

Effortless Installation

Transfer position data via cutting-edge BLE technology and eliminate time-intensive anchor cabling.


Square Meters Covered in a Day

Designed as plug-and-play, our Mesh system can be installed within minutes, covering large facilities.

Get Started with Our Mesh Devices

KINEXON Mesh Tags on moving assets are detected through KINEXON Mesh Anchors, which securely transmit their position data via the KINEXON Mesh Gateway.
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Efficient position updates with a consumption rate as low as 1 update per minute
Battery life of up to 4 years when maintaining a position update rate of 1 per minute
Designed for flexible attachment to any mobile asset, transport box, or storage container
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KINEXON Mesh Anchor

Simple attachment, installation, and maintenance during operations
Battery life of up to 6 years at a position update rate of 1 time per minute
Robust design suitable for industrial warehouses, large storage spaces, and manufacturing shopfloors
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A photo of the Kinexon Mesh IoT anchor.
A photo of the Kienxon Mesh Gateway.

KINEXON Mesh Gateway

Supports 4G connectivity, with WiFi and Ethernet as fallback solutions
Requires a 5V DC power supply
Adheres to the highest security standards for data transmission through a VPN connection
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here You'll Find Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about KINEXON Mesh

How accurate is KINEXON Mesh?

KINEXON Mesh is renowned for its exceptional accuracy, offering UWB localization with a precision of up to 30 cm in optimal conditions. This accuracy can vary slightly depending on the specific environmental factors of the deployment area. The high precision of KINEXON Mesh makes it an ideal solution for industries where even minor discrepancies in location tracking can have significant implications, ensuring reliable and precise monitoring of assets across various operational environments.

Can I replace the batteries in KINEXON Mesh devices?

Yes, the battery system in KINEXON Mesh devices is user-friendly, allowing customers to replace batteries themselves. These devices are designed for long-term use, with a battery lifespan ranging from 3 to 6 years, varying based on the update frequency. This extended battery life, combined with the ease of replacement, significantly reduces maintenance costs and downtime, enhancing the overall efficiency and usability of the system.

Does KINEXON Mesh comply with current security standards?

Absolutely. KINEXON Mesh adheres to the highest data security standards, employing AES128 + OMAC1 end-to-end encryption for BLE and using proprietary protocols for UWB communications. This ensures that all data transmissions within the system are secure and protected against unauthorized access. Furthermore, KINEXON Mesh's network hosting is fortified with password-protected access, and the entire system complies with ISO 27001 standards, a globally recognized benchmark for information security. Data within the AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is safeguarded using TLS/MQTTS protocols, making it inaccessible from outside, thus providing an additional layer of security for sensitive information.

What is the latency when KINEXON OS is hosted in the cloud?

When KINEXON OS is hosted in the cloud, the system experiences a latency of approximately 1 minute. This delay is primarily attributed to the necessary buffer time for collecting and aggregating data packets from the mesh system. This process ensures accurate and comprehensive data gathering before transmission to the cloud. The latency is not a result of the cloud backend itself but is a part of the designed data processing workflow, which is optimized for both accuracy and efficiency.

How high is the risk of interference with existing machines that use BLE?

The risk of interference with existing machines that use BLE is significantly minimized in KINEXON Mesh. The system operates across numerous radio channels, enabling it to intelligently select channels with the least traffic. This feature not only minimizes interference with other devices but also enhances the overall reliability of the network. The mesh network's design includes an automatic channel selection mechanism that further reduces the likelihood of interference, even in environments with high BLE traffic. This makes KINEXON Mesh a highly reliable solution for industrial settings where various wireless systems coexist.