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Assembly Line Control

Elevate Industrial Automation with Assembly Line Control for Accelerated Production, Higher Quality, and Greater Flexibility

Enter the Next Level of Flexible and Efficient Assembly Automation

Trace the location of vehicles and worker tools to automate manual assembly operations and enable production supervisors to take immediate action in emergency cases.


Automated Vehicle Identification

Accelerate assembly by eliminating manual scans for vehicle identification.


Automated Tool Approval

Increase assembly quality by controlling manual assembly tool operations.


Assembly Line Operator

Leverage flexibility of assembly processes to seamlessly apply new requirements.

Stay Ahead of the Competition


Vehicle Production Uptime

Automotive assembly lines achieve maximum efficiency with our solution.

Operational Cost Savings

Reduction of production costs through the elimination of manual production steps and times.

Automated Telegrams Daily

Converting manual processes to automated operations to increase assembly speed and quality.

Automotive production at the BMW Group is a lot like top-flight sport in that it’s about high-performance process. The real-time locating platform KINEXON OS forms the backbone for fully digitalizing our production. It’s an innovative operating system that makes our highly complex manufacturing processes transparent and raises efficiency in production even further.

Milan Nedeljković
Board Member for Production at BMW Group
Milan Nedeljković
Milan Nedeljković
Board Member for Production at BMW Group

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e-Paper Tag

Assignment Zones and Assembly Areas

Within dedicated assignment zones, each vehicle on the assembly line is equipped with a KINEXON e-Paper tag to precisely trace its position. Pre-configured assembly areas can cover one or more assembly sequences to determine which vehicle variant requires certain assembly operations.

Eliminate 99% of manual scans for vehicle identification
Save up to 2.5 seconds per vehicle per takt
Enable paperless production with real-time updates

Collision Zones and Quality Control

Automated Tool Approval enables precise control over the operation of tools in specific areas and sequences on vehicles, facilitating automated screwing processes without manual approvals. By identifying potential collisions between vehicles and tools, unintended operations are prevented, ensuring the highest product quality.

Vendor-agnostic, automated control of assembly tools
Seamless documentation of all assembly operations
Zero-fault tolerance via automatic quality assurance

Assembly Monitoring and Analytics

Applying automated process rules and associated business events, assembly errors – if not completely preventable – are detected in real-time triggering custom alerting mechanisms and relevant escalations.

Real-time location-based data is collected during runtime to draw a holistic picture of all assembly processes and allow for precise, reliable and fast incident analysis including historic events and assembly operations.

Instantly react on assembly errors to generate production system uptime of 99.98%
Flexibly apply assembly process changes without impact on the production system
Assembly line ecosystem allows for automated bookings and seamless interconnectivity of 3rd party systems

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With KINEXON OS we have succeeded in gaining a holistic picture of our activities around the globe and in converting the data into automation applications that add value.

Tobias Mayr
Head of Platforms at BMW Group
Tobias Mayr
Tobias Mayr
Head of Platforms at BMW Group

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Digitize and manage movable shopfloor assets with the most cost-efficiency localization solution.


Order Tracking & Process Management

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AMR & AGV Fleet Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here You'll Find answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about KINEXON Assembly Line Control

Which sensors can be used to trace vehicles and tools?

Looking at our KINEXON RTLS hardware portfolio, we recommend our powerful e-Paper Tag to track vehicles on the assembly line or larger subassembly component groups. Smaller components can be equipped with our lightweight x-tag.

Especially for wireless assembly tools, we provide an integrated tool tag which runs with the tool's power supply. Alternatively, our high-capacity tag can be attached to wired tools or larger assembly installations.

As KINEXON OS can process position data from various sources, 3rd party hardware can also be used to track the location of vehicles, tools, components or material.

How does a real-time location system (RTLS) work?

KINEXON RTLS provides precise real-time tracking for large-scale industrial processes. Utilizing ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, it delivers accurate data on assets and workflows. It's designed for seamless integration and scalability in demanding environments.

UWB technology is based on the combination of very short pulses moving at the speed of light. The band width of at least 500 MHz allows an exact measurement of the arrival time and thus a high-precision determination of the positions. UWB technology does not interfere with other technologies because the bandwidth (3.25 — 4.75 GHz and 6.25 — 6.75 GHz) differs from WLAN and ISM channels, and the signal strength is very limited. Anchors can cover distances of up to 200 m if there is visual contact.

How can already existing localization technologies be integrated?

Interoperability is a key factor for your automation strategy: KINEXON OS is designed to break up data and technology silos by integrating position data from various sources. Our software platform provides a selection of interfaces tailormade for state-of-the-art localization technologies same as ISO/IEC 24730-1 standard interfaces to receive incoming positions from other RTLS vendors.

In addition, our low-code/no-code engine KINEXON OS allows to flexibly integrate ID and location data via protocols like HTTP, OPC-UA, Kafka or MQTT. This open platform approach enables a seamless interconnectivity to automate your shopfloor based on data-driven decisions.