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Are Pioneering
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Our Vision

Real-time intelligence and value for a connected and automated world.

The two Kinexon founders, Oliver Trinchera and Alexander Hüttenbrink in the office.

Our Story

In 2012, while observing the manual recording of player data at the Allianz Arena in Munich, our visionary founders, Alexander and Oliver, recognized the inefficiency and saw an opportunity for a ground-breaking enhancement.

Their solution? Automation!
KINEXON was born.

Our Objective

Our goal to make processes faster, more accurate and automated always opens up new levels of efficiency. Following this objective, KINEXON became a premium partner in two disciplines: Industries & Sports.

Our Team

We ​Kinexians revolutionize industrial processes same as sports performances and fan experiences with our daily work. Every idea can make the difference.

Looking forward to a colorful team with talents and skills thrown together in a jumble?

Join us to achieve our common denominator: we all want to take it to the next level together.

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Global Offices

Our Management

Dr. Alexander Hüttenbrink

Dr. Alexander Hüttenbrink

Co-founder & Co-CEO
Dr. Oliver Trinchera

Dr. Oliver Trinchera

Co-founder & Co-CEO
Mehdi Bentanfous

Mehdi Bentanfous

CRO Industries
Dr. Martin Rothbucher

Dr. Martin Rothbucher

COO Industries
Ajatshatru Kotwal

Ajatshatru Kotwal

CPO Industries
Dr. Simone Kreyer

Dr. Simone Kreyer

Chief of Staff Industries

Our Values

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Be Bold!

KINEXON emerged as a pioneer in its field by making bold decisions, challenging the status quo daily through creativity, and exploring uncharted paths. We uphold this ethos and encourage our colleagues to continue making courageous decisions.

Be Agile!

We operate as an agile company, responding promptly through streamlined processes, making informed decisions, maintaining consistency, and continuously learning from our experiences. Our focus extends beyond the current status, emphasizing the next steps and our overarching visions.

A person skiing.
A person on a paragliding flight.

Stay Hungry & Passionate!

We possess an intense drive for victory, consistently aiming for excellence in every domain. We nurture an environment where performance is rewarded, marked by our defining qualities of enthusiasm, passion, and an insatiable hunger that prevents complacency and idleness.

Be Integral, Honest and Open!

Great achievements are possible only with teams that are thoroughly rehearsed. This necessitates a foundation of mutual understanding and communication marked by respect. At KINEXON, we embody integrity, openness, honesty, and transparency as fundamental values in our interactions.

A rowing team on the water.
Create Impact!

Create Impact!

We are a cutting-edge technology company, playing a pivotal role in advancing the digitalization of both industry and sports. Embracing innovation is the standard for each team member. Take ownership and actively contribute to the digital transformation through your work!