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KINEXON Fleet Manager

Manage your Automated Material Flow with One Software Platform that Integrates and Communicates with Diverse Fleets of AMRs and AGVs, regardless of the manufacturer or type.

One Central Software to Manage All Mobile Robots and Vehicles within Your Fleet


Integrated AMR & AGV Vendors

Choose the ideal vehicle for your operational requirements and transportation needs.

6 Months

Fast Return on Investment

Register your vehicle fleet, schedule transport orders, configure restrictions and go!


to configure a new robot

Adding new vehicles supporting the VDA 5050 standard is extremely fast and easy.

Get Started with AMR & AGV Fleet Management

Define Routes Independently

To adjust transportation routes based on short-term production requirements, high flexibility is a must. For any vehicle in your fleet, driving rules can be updated based on traffic or load carrier positions. Such driving rules can be set up easily and adjusted on the fly.

Increased operations efficiency of vehicle fleet
Consistent driving rules across all vehicle types
High predictability of rule-based transportation

Automated Transportation Orders

To gain maximum efficiency and ensure smooth operations, transportation processes have to be in line with order planning tools and warehouse management systems. KINEXON Fleet Manager offers open APIs for seamless integration with third-party systems, eliminating error-prone and time consuming manual transportation requests and confirmations when orders arrive at physical workstations.

Customize transportation routes in line with shopfloor processes and physical workstations
Standardized interfaces to SAP modules, as well as other leading Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) systems

Central Map Management

Working with different AGVs and AMRs it is key to have a central and synchronized map.

One uniform map management that every robot can use
Changes in the environment/map are collected, processed and re-distributed throughout the entire fleet

Zone and Point-of-Interest (POI) Management

Define and manage the behaviour of the AMRs or AGVs to operate perfectly in your existing shopfloor operation.

Configure Point-of-Interests (POI) to trigger various events such as Pick-Up, Charge, Fine-Position.
Define Zones that handle special areas & situation to change the Robots behaviour (e.g., limited capacity, one-way)