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Seamlessly track and trace high quality products and premium orders to increase production efficiency

Assure Quality of High Value Components and Processes with Real-time Traceability

Leading aerospace manufacturers automate process documentation with KINEXON's solution Order Tracking and Process Management to meet highest standards for their premium goods.


Order Tracking

Automate processes by eliminating manual bookings and scans to save time and costs.


Quality Control

Increase production and process quality by real-time monitoring and alerting of errors and bottlenecks.


Material Replenishment

Avoid material shortage and process idle times by optimize just-in-time delivery of material to the production lines.

“The real-time data will give us a more efficient way to manage logistics concepts along the entire supply chain.”

Lucas Burgey
Project Manager at MTU Aero Engines

"KINEXON convinces us in all these points and also accompanies us with commitment throughout the project."

Dominik Bertram
Head of Logistics at Premium Aerotec
Learn how aerospace manufacturers track and trace high value parts across multiple locations to ensure in-time production and delivery.
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High-Quality Aviation Products that are Subject to Strict Regulations and Standards Require High-Quality Processes

Aerospace components require extremely high precision and tight tolerances. Achieving and maintaining these specifications throughout the manufacturing process is challenging, as even small deviations can impact the performance and safety of the final product.

We automate non-value-adding manual tasks - like searching for materials or documentation of certain process steps - to free up time and assure process quality with highest accuracy, so that you can focus on your manufacturing challenges.
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Trace production orders in real-time to meet delivery times custom products

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Prevent losses of semi-finished goods, expensive materials or special manufacturing tools

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Shorten costly MRO cycles by ensuring highest production quality in each process step

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Review Your Challenges in Production and Logistics with our Aerospace Experts

Close collaborations with leading aircraft manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers manifest our industry expertise.
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Our aerospace customers are confronted with industrial challenges: compliance with strict regulations and standards, highest demand for security and safety plus technologically complex manufacturing processes. KINEXON's solution portfolio offers unparalleled answers to master these challenges with real-time intelligence in automated operations.

Mehdi Bentanfous
Mehdi Bentanfous
CRO of KINEXON Industries