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Asset Tracking

Improve Productivity and Efficiency by Tracking and Managing Movable Industrial Assets with KINEXON Asset Tracking, the Most Cost-Efficient Real-Time Location Solution

Efficiently Manage Materials, Tools, or Semi-Finished Goods with Industrial Asset Tracking

Digitize movable assets to effortlessly trace their location, enhancing visibility for employees. Efficiently manage the automated flows of digitized assets, identifying and reducing bottlenecks.


Inventory Management

Eliminate search times and increase industrial asset visibility to save operational costs.


Process Flow Management

Manage and optimize the work-in-process status of any industrial assets involved in production processes.

Stay Ahead of the Competition


Daily Time Savings per Employee

KINEXON Search&Find eliminates non-value-adding search times for shopfloor workers and supervisors.


Efficiency Gain in Space Utilization

Automated tracking and analysis of over- and underutilization of critical production areas.


Reduction of Equipment

Digital visibility of production equipment prevents loss of valuable goods and increased utilization of tools.

The speed at which we were able to deploy KINEXON Mesh across our organization was truly impressive. Within a matter of days, we had a fully functional system in place, and it's been a game-changer for our operations. The fast implementation meant we saw improvements in efficiency and value creation sooner than we have anticipated.

Matthias Heyder
Head of Industrialization at Thales Group
Matthias Heyder
Matthias Heyder
Head of Industrialization at Thales Group

Get Started with Asset Tracking

KINEXON Search&FindKINEXON Search&FindKINEXON Search&Find

Precise Localization of All Assets

An easy-to-use and simplified user interface for asset tracking enables any employee to locate worker tools, material containers, or process components. Receiving insights in near-real-time and visualizing them in a context-sensitive and user-friendly manner supports production and logistics workers in their daily routines, aiding them in completing tasks.

Increase employee productivity by 20%
Reduce material provisioning times by 5%

Workflow and Process Monitoring

By creating process models for various asset groups that follow defined production processes, data is captured in near real time. Process KPIs such as overall lead time or dwelling times are automatically calculated based on the physical movement of all tracked industrial assets. Time or sequence violations are instantly reported through built-in alerting mechanisms to notify production supervisors.

Near to real-time updates on the status of each asset
60% reduction of production downtimes
KINEXON Mesh Anchor
Mesh Anchor
Mesh Tag

Live Overview on Inventory Dashboard

Visualize the status and quantities of required materials on customizable dashboards, providing production managers with valuable insights into the utilization of buffer areas. Indicating under- and overutilized shopfloor areas helps prevent material shortages and avoid inefficient storage of production assets.

Reduce overutilization of buffer areas by 12%
Improve utilization rate of tools and machinery

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Assembly Line Control

Enter the next level of efficient assembly automation to accelerate production at higher quality and flexibility.


Order Tracking & Process Management

Reduce shopfloor inefficiencies with real-time traceability of production orders and processes.


AMR & AGV Fleet Management

Maximize efficiency of automated indoor transportation with a vendor-agnostic solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here You'll Find answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about KINEXON Asset Tracking

What is KINEXON Mesh?

KINEXON Mesh is a unique object localization system combining ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technologies. It allows companies to track and optimize the movement of physical shopfloor assets. The system requires minimal infrastructure and offers easy scalability.

KINEXON Mesh anchors and tags are quickly installed, and gateways transmit data to the KINEXON OS platform via a VPN connection for position generation and visualization. Additionally, KINEXON Mesh can function as a standalone network with no interference from other data transmission technologies.

How quickly can Asset Tracking be implemented?

A fully autonomous tracking system consists of the battery-powered KINEXON Mesh hardware and the open and high-performant KINEXON OS software. Due to the simplicity of hardware installation and cloud-based software set up, short installation cycles of two to six weeks can be achieved.

To get started with Asset Tracking, there is no need to integrate with existing networks when transmitting position data via LTE. There is a cellular reception for transmission of measurement data to the backend  and the access to KINEXON OS via mobile devices or terminals using a Chrome browser is validated.

How many KINEXON Mesh anchors are required?

The specific production environment has an influence on the accuracy as well as on the number of anchors. Generally, anchors are arranged in a rough grid every 10-20 meters. Based on our project experience, you should calculate with six to nine anchors for 1000sqm. This can vary individually for each customer.

Why KINEXON's Asset Tracking the leading tracing solution?

Get real-time insights on the location and status of assets and materials - indoors and outdoors. All available tracking technologies, such as RFID, GPS, BLE, UWB are integrated to create a seamless tracking experience. For industrial applications the ultra-wideband (UWB) technology utilized by KINEXON Mesh is ideal for applications that require high-precision location.