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Machinery & Equipment

Initiate a new era of shop floor automation and digitalization, propelling production efficiency to new heights

Leverage the Automation Potential of Your Operations for More Efficient Production

By implementing KINEXON's Order Tracking and Process Management solution, you can eliminate non-value-adding manual operations, liberating your workforce, enhance production quality and achieve cost savings.

Order Tracking

Automate processes by eliminating manual bookings and scans to save time and costs.


Quality Control

Increase production and process quality by real-time monitoring and alerting of errors and bottlenecks.


Material Replenishment

Avoid material shortage and process idle times by optimize just-in-time delivery of material to the production lines.

"To leverage the full potential of Industry 4.0 for our production facilities, we needed an innovative and flexible solution that scales. KINEXON developed a customized solution that met all our needs."

Philip Markus
Project Manager at ASMPT
Explore how paperless production can become reality with digitized production papers and process-sensitive updates in real-time.
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An electronic factory that has switched to paperless production.

Let Fast ROI Be the Critical Success Factor When Defining for Your Automation Strategy

Embark on the journey toward digitized production and warehouses by adopting KINEXON's cost-efficient solution, Asset Tracking. Introduce transparency and real-time traceability for movable shop floor assets as the initial step in enhancing operational efficiency.


Inventory Management

Eliminate non-value-adding searching times and increase asset visibility to save operational costs.


Process Flow Management

Control and optimize the work-in-process status of any assets involved in production processes.

"The speed at which we were able to deploy KINEXON Mesh across our organization was truly impressive."

Matthias Heyder
Head of Industrialization at Thales
Discover how Asset Tracking can liberate up to two hours of valuable time for every employee per day by eliminating non-value-adding tasks.
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Two men in an automated factory.

Review Your Challenges in Production and Logistics With Our Manufacturing Experts

No two production shop floors are alike - close collaborations with a variety of manufacturers from heavy machineries to small components manifest our industry expertise.
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Recognizing the unique nature of each customer and the distinct conditions on every store floor or production setting, KINEXON transcends the role of a mere software provider. With a wealth of customer projects of varying sizes and diverse use cases, we evolve into true partners, accompanying our customers on their journey toward digital production.

Dr. Martin Rothbucher
Dr. Martin Rothbucher
COO of KINEXON Industries