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Your Path to an Autonomous Material Flow

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Taking New Perspectives With Live Data


Connectivity and Automation That Takes Your Performance to the Next Level

Discover the power of connected and automated operations. KINEXON translates physical worlds into digital twins so that it can capture, optimize and automate processes. Our insights and results power organizations in manufacturing, logistics and sports.

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KINEXON Is Now World’s First "FIFA Preferred Provider Live Player & Ball Tracking"

FIFA Quality Programme and KINEXON extend their collaboration and add ball tracking as another key aspect to the relationship. Starting July 2022, KINEXON is the world’s first FIFA Preferred Provider Live Player & Ball Tracking.”


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With our two divisions KINEXON Industries and KINEXON Sports & Media, we are one of the trendsetting digitalization drivers.

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European League of Football Player Tracking
Premiere in the European League of Football: Live-Tracking of Tackles, Sprints and More

Countless data insights have already become indispensable for coaches, players, media and fans in professional sports. American football goes one step further. In collaboration with KINEXON, the European League of Football also provided data on collisions and sprints to Staff and Fans live for the first time.

Join KINEXON for the 2023 AGV Mesh-Up!

KINEXON is excited to take part in this year’s AGV Mesh-UP at Messe Dortmund on March 29 and 302023!

Sensor-based ball tracking by KINEXON
Was Sie über Ball Tracking wissen müssen

Ball tracking has taken football by storm. Not only does the technology help match officials make more accurate and consistent decisions, but it also allows coaches to analyze the beautiful game with unprecedented detail and gives fans insights never seen before. 

Assembly Show Wrap Up

What a week it was at the 2022 Assembly Show! Our team spent the three-day event conversing with potential clients, as well as enjoying some amazing local food and drinks with the manufacturing community at the KINEXON Breakfast Morning Mingle. Read on to learn more from our VP of Sales IoT, Tinos Kountroubis, about his experience at the show.

SportsPro Insider Series: Emerging Tech, Data & Media
SportsPro Insider Series: Emerging Tech, Data & Media

Sports entities are continuing to look to data to drive success, both on and off the field. From player recruitment, through in-game analysis, and fan interaction to business performance. This edition by SportsPro, in conjunction with KINEXON, offers discussion and insight in all areas affecting leading sports franchises, and how it is becoming increasingly important to turn to data to gain an advantage over competitors.

KINEXON Industries Carbody With Woman With Laptop
How KINEXON OS Supports Automotive Assembly

This is part three of a three-part series exploring the potential of Location-Based Process Automation for the automotive industry, based on an Assembly Magazine interview conducted with KINEXON. In the final part of the series, we outline how KINEXON OS supports automotive production and assembly. 

Employee moving blue containers in warehouse
3 Key Features of Automated Container Management

No production or logistics operations function without the extensive use of containers or load carriers. Manufacturers rely on thousands of containers to push materials and products through the supply chain. When a single container arrives at its destination late, at the wrong cycle, or carrying the wrong materials, it can bring the production line process to a standstill. Automated container management solutions overcome this challenge and benefit the entire intralogistics and assembly process — by guaranteeing an optimized and efficient material supply.

Load Management: A Look Behind the Scenes at the Bundesliga Club With the Fewest Injuries

In the Bundesliga, 1. FC Union Berlin recently became the surprising leader. Union also impressed with another statistic recently: no team had fewer injury-related absences. Is that part of the secret of success?

Men With Tablet In Warehouse
Optimizing Order Processing in Production and Intralogistics

Navigating orders successfully and accurately through complex production and intralogistics processes is no small feat. Today, more often than not, orders and materials get lost in transit, don’t get processed through all necessary steps, wait in buffer and storage areas for too long, or just don’t get to their intended workstation in time. This creates inefficiencies in areas such as assembly, quality control, and inventory management, just to name a few. And despite this being both a major efficiency as well as a productivity challenge, many manufacturers don’t have accurate data about their processes as well as their bottlenecks. This is where automated order management solutions come in

MTU Aero Engines: Monitor Your Entire Production Network With Track & Trace

MTU uses KINEXON OS to monitor the movements of all its manufactured parts in real time. The new system has been driving transparency and efficiency gains from day 1.

Guest writer: Tobias Weidemann

ELF KINEXON Partnership Announcement American Football
European League of Football and KINEXON Launch Partnership

In cooperation with the European League of Football, KINEXON’s LPS system will be used for live player tracking in American Football at the upcoming Championship Game in Klagenfurt. The European League of Football also aims to further enhance the fan experience with live stats at the highest level.

Two female players equipped with mobile player tag
Sports Tech and Equality: Why We Stopped Treating Women’s Teams the Same as Men’s Teams

Female athletes deserve the same treatment as male athletes. That doesn’t mean knowledge, training methods, and analysis techniques developed based on men and for men can be applied 1:1 to women. Equality must start earlier. We ask ourselves the following question: what requirements do women have for training planning and load control that have not been considered yet? 

Hands-on Approach: Sports Data Campus to Use KINEXON’s Analysis to Train Talents in Big Data and Sports Technology

Sports Data Campus – a place where professionals in the field of big data and technologies in sports have joined forces at the international level – aims to provide world-class education specializing in advanced analytics in football.

FIFA Preferred Provider Live Player Ball Tracking Blog
KINEXON Becomes World’s First "FIFA Preferred Provider Live Player & Ball Tracking"

The FIFA Quality Programme and KINEXON strengthen and extend their collaboration until 2024. KINEXON´s status now includes also ball tracking. Starting today, KINEXON is the world’s first FIFA Preferred Provider Live Player & Ball Tracking.” 

Kinexon Sports at Portugal Football League
World Premiere in Portugal's Football League: SELECT and KINEXON Generate Live Data with the iBall

The Liga Portugal Bwin is the first football league worldwide to use an official match ball with a tracking sensor inside. The league, SELECT and KINEXON put together a test case regarding accuracy, dependability and a possible implementation of ball and player tracking; and they found a clear answer to whether live data helps make a league more attractive for fans, media and sponsors.