Automated Operations: Redefining Manufacturing & Logistics Efficiency


Automated Operations: Redefining Manufacturing & Logistics Efficiency

KINEXON Operating System + SAP Digital Manufacturing for Connected and Automated Operations

With the KINEXON Operating System — an Endorsed App in the SAP Store — it is possible to seamlessly integrate Order Tracking & Process Management, AMR & AGV Fleet Management and Auto-ID solutions into an existing SAP Supply Chain Management. This powerful combination of KINEXON OS + SAP Digital Manufacturing leads to automated operations, improved efficiency, and sustainability.

The logo of the Kinexon and SAP partnership.

Real-Time Tracking and Digital Manufacturing

Find out how our joint solution is the best for automating and connecting manufacturing processes. Our experts Christian Schermer and Christos Lithoxopoulos teamed up with Marcel Wolf from SAP to share their best practices on how to leverage automation to tackle challenges on the shopfloor.

The SAP endorsed App badge.

The Value of SAP Endorsed Apps

As one of only a few apps, KINEXON OS is part of the SAP special partner’s ecosystem. This badge of excellence is only rewarded to solutions that complement the SAP products in the best way possible.

To join this curated group of partners, every solution must undergo extensive testing, ensuring that the highest security and quality benchmarks are reached. Visit the SAP Store now to discover more.

The logo of the Kinexon OS (operating system).

KINEXON OS is the Ideal Integration to SAP Digital Manufacturing

Under the umbrella of SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM), KINEXON OS is the ideal integration to further automate processes along any supply chain.

SAP Digital Manufacturing is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that offers transparency through data and consecutive KPIs along numerous activities in manufacturing. Enabling businesses to create in depth analysis of automated processes in the cloud-based system, SAP DM is at the core of Industry 4.0.

With the KINEXON OS extension, operations can be further automated, leading to enhanced production speed, quality, and cost-efficiency by eradicating manual non-value-add tasks.

Watch this video to learn more about how KINEXON OS orchestrates the shopfloor, acting as the operating system for moving assets.

Benefits of KINEXON OS + SAP Digital Manufacturing

Customers benefit from next-level productivity, sustainability and AI capabilities – and more.

A visual of how assets move in a smart factory.

Create real-time visibility and transparency

Create real-time visibility and transparency of production orders by creating a digital twin of the shopfloor. This is done by linking production orders to physical sensors called tags, creating functional areas via geofences, and visualizing all things in an interactive map in the software.

Localize production orders

Localize all production orders from the inbound area over all production steps to provide exact location information about any production order in real time, including metadata with labels and attached properties.

A visual of how the trackable assets are shown in the software.
A visual of how the Kinexon industrial asset tracking can be integrated into an ERP system.

Automate booking events and alerts

Create and trigger automated events to generate real-time bookings and alerts. By adapting process rules — based on a variety of predefined conditions like geofence entries and exits, and object counts — users can define actions and alerts with integrated devices.

Interacts seamlessly with the process

Increase the ease of system interaction by implementing an ePaper Tag, which displays metadata information about the specific production order. Give automatic feedback to SAP Digital Manufacturing and third-party systems while avoiding the usage of paper.

A visual of how the Kinexon industrial asset tracking can be integrated into an ERP system, e.g. SAP.