World's most trusted digital solution to mitigate the spread of COVID-19


Reliable, UWB-Based Contact Warning & Contact Tracing for Uncertain Times​

Restart or maintain your operations safely and protect people with KINEXON SafeZone — the world’s most trusted digital solution for ultra-precise contact warning and highly efficient contact tracing available!

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Welcome to the World's Leading Digital Solution – Trusted by More Than 300 Companies – and Growing!

KINEXON SafeZone was not only the first digital solution to protect employees and business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the solution with the biggest recorded impact.

Measurable Impact in All Working Environments and in Various Scales

What Added Value Does KINEXON SafeZone Offer? We Have Asked!

In a survey, we asked our customers what specific added value they see in the digital solution. According to them, KINEXON SafeZone positively influences the following points in particular:

A Technology Pioneer Featured In

If I ever leave my house again, I will definitely want one of these devices.”

(…) making contact tracing easier if someone gets infected.”

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This societal crisis is shining a new light on the value of this kind of data.”

(…) NFL and NBA rely on the technology of the German start-up to secure game operations.”

(…) no interference with other networks, as is the case with Bluetooth or WLAN.”

This little gadget could help normalize life in times of COVID-19.”

... And More Than 1,000 Other Media Outlets

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Core of our solution is our award-winning ultra-wideband sensor, the KINEXON SafeTag.

This ultra-lightweight wearable actively warns users if they are too close to another. The proximity and duration of each contact is recorded and can be quickly accessed to trace and evaluate chains of infection.

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Contact Warning in Real Time

Award-winning UWB technology guarantees the highest possible precision and reliability

Estimating the proximity around you is both imprecise and unsafe. KINEXON SafeZone overcomes these challenges with a digital approach to physical distancing.

Effective visual and audible warnings

  • Centimeter-accurate precision (< 10 cm)
  • Customizable audible and visual warnings
  • Measures contact intensity: distance and time
  • No infrastructure is required
  • Various wearing options
  • Does not track movement or location

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Adjust the settings to your desired proximity and warning time!

The KINEXON SafeTag can be customized to silence the alarm or emit an alarm only around certain groups of people.

Quick & Efficient: Contact Tracing Within Minutes

Trace contacts more efficiently than ever expected — with an intuitive and customizable software!

Traditionally, contact tracing involves interviewing infected individuals – a time-consuming and error-prone process. With KINEXON SafeZone, it takes less then 15 minutes on average:

Quick, Easy & Accurate Identification of Critical Contacts

  • All relevant contact events (sensor ID, time, duration and distance) are stored when sensors are put back into the charging tray.
  • Clear graphic visualizations support to trace chains of potential infections quickly in the event of an infection.
  • KINEXON SafeZone is not only faster but also more accurate as the comparison with other technologies or manual contact tracing shows. 

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Configure yourself when, where and how you want to evaluate risk encounters!

Do you have partitions, masks or other measures in use? With KINEXON SafeZone you can consider your individual setting in your contact analysis.

This Is How Leading Brands Are Protecting Employees and Operations

We knew we couldn’t do it manually at the level we would need to do it, and we began to look for innovative ways. […] We really only found KINEXON that had something ready and in the market and at the number of devices we were going to need — because we’re putting it on all players and personnel and anyone that works in close proximity with our players.”

KINEXON SafeZone Has Been Recognized by Top Award Programs

2021 IoT Sensor Innovation
of the Year Award

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2020 Most Outstanding
Pivot (Winner)

One of the 10 Hottest New
Wearable Devices of 2020

One of the 10 Coolest
IoT Startups of 2020

2020 Excellence in
Innovation Award

Kinexon Sports Techie Awards 2020 vector

2020 Most Outstanding
Technology (Finalist)

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