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SAFELOGs automation solutions as part of the VDA 5050 fleet management.

Welcome to this blog post about the SAFELOG AGV X1 1200 tt, the latest addition to the fleet of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) from SAFELOG. This advanced AGV is equipped with unique features, that increase its flexibility on unknown levels. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of the AGV X1 1200 tt and its ability to create value in various intralogistics use cases and applications, including material handling, and in manufacturing and warehousing. Furthermore, we will elaborate how the AGV X1 1200 tt is especially beneficial for brownfield projects and how it can be customized to suit specific process requirements.

What This Means For You

The SAFELOG AGV X1 1200 tt is the latest addition to the fleet of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) from SAFELOG. With its central lifting unit, the AGV X1 1200 tt can lift loads up to a top load of 1,200 kg with an 80 mm lifting height, making it perfect for the transportation of heavy goods. But what sets the AGV X1 1200 tt apart from its predecessors is it’s unique turntable that allows for independent rotations of the AGV and the load, making it much more flexible and versatile in navigating tight spaces. With its differential drive, the AGV X1 1200 tt can turn on the spot, move forward and in reverse, and rotate its load effortlessly, reducing unnecessary rotations and shortening process times. Due to its low design, the AGV X1 can drive under a variety of different load carriers such as shelves, or pallets and transport them to the point of interest. With the plate attachment, the AGV can pick up goods with a uniform floor surface, such as cabinets.

Safelog X13090 Drehteller

The AGV X1 1200 tt is equipped with hybrid localization technology, which includes grid, contour recognition, camera, RFID, and odometry. This, coupled with its safety laser scanner in each direction of travel, ensures that the AGV X1 1200 tt is safe and precise in navigating its environment.

The SAFELOG AGV X1 1200 tt is the future of industrial automation, and its advanced features and capabilities make it a top choice for any company looking to automate their intralogistics operations. With its ability to adapt to different load carriers, navigate tight spaces, and operate efficiently and reliably, the AGV X1 1200 tt is the perfect solution for any industrial automation needs.

With the AGV X1, SAFELOG can create value in various operational intralogistics applications, including:

  • Material transfer: The AGV X1 can be integrated into the assembly line to deliver raw materials, semi-finished or finished goods, and components to the assembly stations, reducing the need for manual material handling. The AGV X1 can navigate through narrow aisles and workstations, allowing for efficient transport of materials and parts. With it’s VDA 5050 interface the most suitable AGV X1 (based on distance to execution and battery level) receives the transfer orders through the KINEXON Fleet Manager, from ERP-Systems, WMS or MES.
  • Picking: The AGV X1 can be used in, for example, warehouses, manufacturing, and fulfillment centers for versatile goods-to-person picking process. Through the rotating lifting unit, your shopfloor team gets static access to the goods on e.g. small part shelves or pallet cages from both sides without excessive lifting, which increases the ergonomics in the picking process, and will lead to long-term decrease in sick-days. Those specific process requirements can be tailored easily by the operational team directly in the web-based frontend of the KINEXON Fleet Manager. Rules and trigger functions enable lean processes managed on the shopfloor.
  • Disposal process: The AGV X1 can assist in supportive tasks such as waste disposal activities during subtractive manufacturing processes. By adding a scale beneath the waste bin andintegrating it with through the brought set of interfaces into the KINEXON Fleet Manager, the system can automatically initiate and allocate disposal orders to an available AGV X1 when the waste bin reaches a specific weight threshold.

The AGV X1 1200 tt from SAFELOG is particularly beneficial for brownfield projects, which refer to existing buildings or sites that are being retrofitted or repurposed for new uses. This is because the AGV X1 1200 tt has a number of features that make it flexible and adaptable to different spaces and processes.

Firstly, the AGV X1 1200 tt provides manufacturing with unique flexibility through the rotatable central lifting unit and its differential drive ability. This makes it easier to maneuver in narrow aisles and align loaded goods in tight spaces, which is important in retrofitting existing buildings that may have limited space for automated systems.

Secondly, the AGV X1 1200 tt is VDA 5050 compatible. This allows SAFELOG to enter a mixed AMR and AGV Fleet from a few mobile robots up to several hundred vehicles, orchestrated by the KINEXON Fleet Manager. With individual settings per vehicle type, the Fleet Manager supports individual capabilities, while decreasing implementation, operation and maintenance affords in the fleet management. This is especially crucial in brownfield projects, where unexpected difficulties and barriers may arise and require quick resolution.Finally, the AGV X1 1200 tt has a scalable battery capacity and hybrid localization, which allows it to be customized to suit specific process requirements.

Overall, the AGV X1 1200 tt offers a cost-effective and reliable solution for automating material handling in brownfield projects with complex layouts and limited space. KINEXON supports these abilities with the outstanding configuration ability in the no-code user interface.


In summary, the SAFELOG AGV X1 can create value in various intralogistics use cases and applications, including material handling, assembly line and manufacturing, warehousing, and process automation. Its unique features such as the central lifting unit, turntable, and low design make it a flexible solution for brownfield intralogistics automation. As part of the VDA 5050 compatible Fleet Management, KINEXON and SAFELOG provide versatile automation solution hand in hand.

Companies looking to automate their existing manufacturing and intralogistics should consider investing in this technology to take their operations to the next level. Setup a joint meeting with our partner SAFELOG and our experts from KINEXON during the AGV Mesh-Up 2023 in Dortmund on March 29th.